Personhood Legislation?

A long time ago, I came to the conclusion that most scientific or technical research tends to reach wrong conclusions, because it looks at a specific condition as if it were an isolated system, i.e. without direct connection with external factors and devoid of repercussions.

Recently I have concluded that the “isolated-system” assumption applies to everything in our lives. Case in point:  the “personhood” legislation.

It seems that the State of Oklahoma has taken a jump start on the subject with its Senate passing the law, headed for approval by Congress. The main “champion” of the legislation is a GOP Senator,   self proclaimed advocate for the children.

My answer to this person is : “Shouldn’t you wait until they actually become children?” Also, “Are you going to be there when the mother cannot afford to feed them, nor herself?”

At that point, why not take the full Catholic stand and say that using contraceptive is murder?! Of course, we are in fact  heading that way with the battle in Washington on insurance coverage.

Are we going to allow politicians to mess up our lives even more than they already have?

-Dr. Antonella Carpenter, Phd, ND

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