The Isolated System Approach to Politics

Just yesterday I was meditating over the “isolated-system” approach, used in determining and passing legislation, and voila’!  Today we have more proof that our elected  representatives in Washington are incapable of deductive reasoning.

Whether they are unaware that this type of reasoning  exists as one of our basic mental abilities, or they do not find it conducive to their agenda. Either way, it spells disaster for us average citizens struggling to make a decent living and take care of our children in a satisfying manner. In other words, trying to live a life relatively free of major problems is becoming impossible.

The plan to cut public funding for birth-control may appear as a quick and easy way to reduce the national expense budget, although it represents a  rather insignificant portion of the overall disbursement, but in reality it actually carries very expensive and damaging consequences; which would be rather obvious, if anybody bothered to look at the entire picture.

On the contrary our officials, supposedly elected to protect the public’s interest, are desperately trying to find a way to reduce the financial output; instead of simply increasing the input by taxing the super wealthy at the same rate as everybody else, and disallowing outsourcing to foreign entities.

What exactly are the serious consequences generated by eliminating the benefit of a free birth control program?

Coming next on this  blog, in the very near future.

-Dr. Antonella Carpenter, Phd, ND


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