The True Cost of Eliminating Funding for Birth Control

As promised, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the subject of the serious consequences connected with the plan to not make birth control freely available to everybody, particularly individuals who could not otherwise afford it. I believe one does not need to be clairvoyant to predict what would happen, if Congress succeeds in its closed-minded plan. One simply needs to apply the supposedly common, but apparently elusive,  “deductive reasoning.”

The first and immediate consequence would be a faster and wider spreading of poverty, in our already strained economy, followed immediately by a much heavier burden on the welfare system, accompanied by a sharp increase in the  crime rate, not to mention the ever looming threat of overpopulation with all its accompanying problems.

Of course the other plan of the anti birth control movement is to reduce and preferably eliminate the abhorred welfare system all together, even though such a thought collides with the very principles of a civilized world. Still the most insulting attitude is the comment made by one “representative” that people do not need federal subsidy for birth control, since the cost of contraceptives is in the range of $50 per month.

I understand that Congressmen are accustomed  to the paycheck supplements from  lobbyists and increased revenue from insider trading. Consequently, they are not familiar with the wide spread syndrome of “too many days left until the next pay check.” Still they should be forced to realize that for most Americans today, the ones who have worked hard every day of their lives, even a mere $50.00  might not be left over after paying for basic necessities.

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