Let’s Stand Up, America!

Before the previous blog could be posted, the shameless individual exposed in that post had the audacity to claim that he was just “joking”, and that he didn’t mean anything “personal” against the law student who testified in Washington in favor of insurance coverage for contraceptives.

For over two years, yours truly also has been personally attacked by hate bloggers with similar insults, intended to assassinate her professional reputation and stop her from saving lives and saving  people from the mayhem of standard care in cancer treatment. Consequently, I consider myself almost an expert on this kind of situation.

Having clarified my stand, I can honestly and doubtlessly affirm that when your moral stands are being attacked, and I must add without any truth attached to them, it is certainly personal and it is intended as an intimidation to silence you and make you shy away from the issue.

It is a disgraceful form of war against the competition, which shouldn’t even be permitted in dirty political campaigns, but it is in fact allowed  to continue without any form of restraint.

It is up to us, the people of the United States, to stand up and oppose all of the abuses of people’s rights, perpetuated everywhere and every day against honesty, truth and the efforts of hard working people.

So, out of what I modified as “Radio Everywhere,”  instead of the original “Nowhere,”  the question is: “America are you alive out there?”

This is a phrase initially criticized, supposedly for its timing, for being  inappropriate when uttered by a principal figure in the music business.

Whatever his reasons were for posing that question, the motivation here is to make all of the good people in this country stand up and fight for their rights, granted to us by the Constitution, but apparently not automatically applied to our lives.

Let’s stand up America, against all the evil creatures who are making a mess of our existence. How about marking on the ballots:  “None of the above,” then go for “Tabula Rasa” and start all over with representatives who are not professional politicians.

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