What’s the “Rush”?

It is rather amazing how the moment I am very busy with a different type of writing, like our Newsletter, that is the exact time when everything seems to break loose and the immediate need arises for turning  the public’s attention to the obvious, which is hiding behind the chaos.

One quite well known loudmouth, who doesn’t even deserve to be identified by name, has created havoc in the entire country for uttering more garbage out of his notoriously disgusting  mouth.

Following this unfortunate event, which he probably welcomes without a doubt, thinking that after all even bad publicity is still notoriety,  the majority of the country is screaming for vengeance and an apology.

What subject  exactly should he include in his apology? Should he recant the disgusting person that he is? Should he admit that he is nothing more than a narcissist, a low-life and women-hater, who takes great pride in insulting whomever he considers an enemy and competition?  Or should he apologize for repeating what he is paid to say by special interest groups, who need his low-class trashy methods to get public attention on some issues?

The answer is that he should be exposed for what he really is and then totally ignored. The reality of the situation is that the issue of insurance payments for birth control is a non-issue, if looked upon under the right light.

Our representatives in Washington are wasting time and money in useless details without concentrating on the source of the problem. What should be tackled is a ruling that Insurance Companies, by definition, are in existence to cover the medical costs of their clients, and for that reason, they should be under obligation to pay for ANY and ALL health care services the client is electing to receive.

Let’s not ignore the detail that such a ruling  would automatically include alternative treatment methods, and that the beneficial outcome of the new ruling would be a drastic reduction in medical expenses not welcomed by the drug Industry, but certainly needed by the public.

Insurance companies should not have the freedom to pick and chose what treatments they wish to cover. The individual insured is the one who is covering the high premium and the deductible, therefore he/she should be the only one entitled to the choice.

That is the only legislation that should be passed in Washington. This is pure logic and should be pursued without further hesitation, not to mention further waste of tax payers money and time.

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