Every individual that is born and raised in the United States of America has thought, and maybe still does, from a very early age that we all live in the best place on the planet, where freedom and individual liberties are protected by the Constitution, as detailed in the Bill of Rights. I was not born and raised in this country, but I too from a very early age heard about the wonders of life in this very special corner of the world, believing what I now realize was nothing more than cheap propaganda.

If life here was ever what I was led to believe, I couldn’t  say, because not having grown up here, I had to depend simply on what my parents thought or
assumed; all of which was based on images of existence in the USA, depicted in movies and documentaries, or from tourists’ individual perceptions, as in the case of my father.

After his one-month long vacation in the NY area, immediately prior to the inset of WWII in Europe, my father returned to a world he no longer liked and spent the rest of his life regretting ever returning to his homeland. Years later, when I finally joined the human race, he instilled into my mind an undying love for the USA, much like in the famous segment of the musical “West Side Story”:  ”I want to live in America; all goes well in America”.

My questions are:
What America is that?
Did it ever exist?

You might say that I am rather somber today;  that’s because I had to admit to one of my European contacts that the US economy is in shambles and this country, the country I loved so much, is an unrecognizable mess.

The aspect I admired the most about my country of adoption is not the belief that it is paved in gold (figuratively speaking of course), like some gullible Europeans thought, but because it is supposedly offering “freedom and justice for all.”

Because of the ordeal I was subjected to for the past three years, I have been forced to admit that such a claim is false; at least as life in the USA is today.
It isn’t simply that justice no longer exists, but also that individual freedoms are fading away. The decline started gradually, with small daily steps,  but now it is progressing at a dangerously accelerated pace.

More than a year ago, I started exposing the signs of decay in the legal system, as it effected my life and my business. Unfortunately the public gave that warning little consideration, viewing the situation as strictly my problem. After all, I am only an American by adoption, not to mention the fact that I am an Italian and a woman; and obviously not a concern for the majority of the country.

My comment that “Today it is happening to me, tomorrow it will happen to everybody” was considered an unimportant and unrealistic detail. Now it is happening to everybody, everywhere in the country, and in every aspect of our lives.

If you disagree with me, simply stop and think of some recent everyday occurrences:

1)    We no longer have the right to express our disagreement by organizing in “peaceful” demonstrations.

Unarmed and quite unthreatening  citizens, disagreeing with the actions of our government; even some citizens in the public eye (such as individuals in show business) who are obviously not at all dangerous, are being arrested simply for participating in peaceful demonstrations, intended to expose and oppose  the present actions of various  governments on the planet.

2)    Just as if we were in a time warp and had gone back to the middle ages, we also are not longer allowed to be unable to pay our debts, even if we have lost our jobs through no fault of ours.

Apparently lawyers are allowed to manipulate the evidence (big surprise to the LASE MED Inc Team!) and make sure that judges arrest people unable to pay their debts, under the loosely applicable  and largely abused charge of  “Contempt of Court.”

All of this is possible because the legal system is self-regulating , with the overseeing ethics committees entail only peers. This means that lawyers  can help and cover up for each other,  when the law is violated by any member of the profession; always for the sake of monetary gains of course.

Additionally this farce called the “Judicial System” can be supported and allowed to survive, in spite of the obvious abuses, because of the cooperation of the judges, who constitute  another group of bandits, no longer worthy of the title “Your Honor.”

In conclusion, I have a question for my fellow citizens:

How much longer are we going to remain passive and allow the abuses of our unalienable rights to remain unchecked ?

How much longer will it be before we stand up in unison and tell the politicians the We, The People, run this country ?

How much longer will it be before we demand that our Constitution be followed to the dot, without exceptions, as set forth by our Founding Fathers?

Let’s not forget that they took up arms,  fought and suffered to form and preserve a new Country, established upon principles far superior to the ones in any other territories on the planet,  so our citizens could live a happy, peaceful life and leave in this land in better shape for their descendents to enjoy.

Are we going to protect and support our Founding Fathers’ legacy?  Are we going to find, like they did, the courage to do whatever is necessary to preserve freedom? The time has come for action. The time is NOW! Before it is too late.

-Antonella Carpenter, PhD, 4-29-2012

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