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TRUTH STILL Rises to the Top, part 1: Cyndi Babecka

(This video has also been removed by YouTube and edited. The video may have to be edited a second time, but we will try to keep a current version active here. As of June 2012 this is the SIXTH edit of this info. The mention of names as “privacy violations” are not the real issue; the issue is the information that certain people do not want to be publicized.)

A long overdue discussion on certain previously suppressed FACTS about a high profile case which has been used since 2009 to spread lies and slander against Dr. Carpenter. Dr. Carpenter’s decision to come forward with this information is based on a recent discovery that “HIPAA” patient privacy regulations do not apply in cases such as these; not to mention that falsified versions of the details had already been publicized for the purpose of attacking Dr. Carpenter.
Why didn’t you ever mention Cyndi’s thyroid cancer in your videos, Michelle? Why didn’t you ever mention it, “Luvstar”? Why didn’t you ever mention it ON TV, or in court, Bob Babecka? Because you’re all lying, that’s why.


One comment on “TRUTH STILL Rises to the Top, part 1: Cyndi Babecka

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