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TRUTH Rises to the Top, Part 2: Bob Criscuolo, Ilya Beyzin (Banned by YouTube?)

(This video has been disabled by YouTube, on the grounds of alleged TOS violations, and has been edited. The video may have to be edited a second time, but we will try to keep a current version active here. This video is also on these pages of the MedicalConspiracy.net website:


http://medicalconspiracy.net/criscuolo.html  )

A long overdue discussion on certain previously suppressed FACTS about two high profile cases which have been used since 2009 to spread lies and slander against Dr. Carpenter. Dr. Carpenter’s decision to come forward with this information is based on a recent discovery that “HIPAA” patient privacy regulations do not apply in cases such as these. Not to mention that falsified versions of the details had already been publicized for the purpose of attacking Dr. Carpenter.
The original version of this video contained identifying images of the perpitrators, which have been removed to comply with YouTube TOS, but under protest. For over three years these perps had their rights protected while they took away Dr. Carpenter’s on a daily basis.
This video disproves with medical documentation several lies and misrepresentations found on lasemedinc dot net (Bob Criscuolo’s story about his deceased wife) and on lase med inc warning dot blogspot dot com (Ilya Beyzin’s story about his deceased father); information that was suppressed in order to demonize Dr. Carpenter.
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