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As children, we have all been taught that the proper way to handle life is to be honest and truthful at all times. However, as adults we realize that sometimes too much information can be used against us by dishonest individuals. Consequently, awareness of such a possibility in many cases translates into the practice of offering the minimum amount of truth necessary or required, but with caution. Still, never in my dreams did I consider the possibility that the truth, nothing but the truth, and the whole truth could ever be classified as “disrespectful” and “disruptive.” Yet this is exactly what happened a few weeks ago, after I decided to post a couple of videos, demonstrating (through the display of official documents) that certain individuals related to former patients had been committing perjury under oath, and had been shamelessly lying on web posts, in order to bring damage to my small business.

Even in my early childhood, I have never been an individual to passively accept the phrase “That’s the way it is,”  let alone the phrase ”You can’t change the way THINGS are,” as was religiously proclaimed by my father.  Consequently when faced (once again in my life) with the assertion that my wish to expose the truth in the best interest of the public in general (cancer patients in this particular instance)  was considered inappropriate, I decided to go to war one more time and fight for the people’s right to access correct information and my personal right to speak and spread the truth.

So here it is:
True to my personality, I decided to join the battlefield and stand up against the enemy of society and mine, armed  with simply truth and honesty. If that seems rather corny to you, I can only say that this is the only way I know how to deal with greed and corruption. Consequently I agreed to stand in front of the camera (which I hate) and present in two parts the documented proof in my possession,  which exposes the lies spread all over the web for the past three years against my business and myself.

As expected, the truth hasn’t agreed much with the enemy camp, so YouTube has been hit with a barrage of misplaced complaints and more misrepresentation of the facts. This resulted in a warning and a request to modify our videos, which we have done (up to a point) without eliminating the documentation of the facts. Again, no matter what we do and say, the complaints and subsequent warnings keep coming in, because the hate bloggers do not wish to see exposed on the web their lies, half versions of events and misrepresentations.

I have no idea of what will be the outcome of this war, and it might very well be that dishonesty will win again, like it did last summer with an unconstitutional trial being held in Little Rock, AR and a federal  judge violating the very Bill of Rights, which he is sworn to uphold. However, just like I did last summer,  I will still continue to fight for justice and freedom of choice, because that is all I can do.

History can testify that many innovators, tired of fighting  ignorance and/or greed-derived opposition, finally abandoned all efforts and faded away, along with their discovery, for lack of public support. All I am doing is trying to make sure that the same doesn’t happen in this case, because millions of lives are at stake, as well as extreme but unnecessary suffering of the survivors.

Won’t anybody join me in this fight?

-Antonella Carpenter, PhD  (5-24-2012)


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