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Some people might remember Green Day’s hit song “American Idiot,” which basically exposes in an unflattering manner the fact that too many people believe what is reported in the news. The song is supposedly intended to encourage the public not to accept as undisputed truth everything the news is passing on to them; but instead to think and analyze everything they hear, utilizing the filter of common sense at least, if not having actual first-hand knowledge and education.

Unfortunately, the misinformation or the blatant lies are sometimes not that easily recognizable, and consequently can achieve undisputed acceptance. Yet they can often be rather obvious, and anybody, even if lacking knowledge in the specific field, could easily spot it if only he or she took the time to analyze the facts. More often than not, though, people choose not to take the time to think and doubt what is being asserted by the media, out of indifference and sometimes fear. Indifference is easily explained, because it originates from selfishness, but it is rationalized through the excuse of demands in everyday life.

Fear is not so easily explained, and one might ask: “Why fear?” Fear is actually a major factor in the public’s apparent indifference. If someone started doubting that what the news reported was important, then a whole way of life would come under scrutiny, and it would become almost mandatory to see that accepted habits and status quo factors should be investigated and corrected. Yet all of the above requires dedication and non-negligible efforts.

Of course dedication and effort distract the public from entertainment and other things that make life fun. Still some of those very things are “opiates” of sorts, created to cover up what is being planned against the interests of the public. As a result, while people enjoy their beer and unrealistic shows on TV, more and more freedom is taken away from the population as a whole, a little bit at a time, in order to avoid detection. That is where the “American Idiot” issue comes into play, and what this blog is trying to suggest: “Please WAKE UP from the trance you have been put under, before it is too late and all forms of freedom are gone!”

This message is not intended to stop you from drinking beer, after all you can’t really enjoy pizza or Mexican food without it. It isn’t even trying to deprive you of the relaxation derived from silly television programs. It is simply suggesting that you not waste too much precious time on those “opiates,” as well as that you not believe everything that is being announced through the “stupid box.”

Case in point: after the death of Robin Gibb, member of the Bee Gees, the press had a field day stating that he died of cancer, because he didn’t go for early detection testing, and by the time he was diagnosed, he was too far gone to be saved even by “aggressive chemo”. Unless someone had direct experience, with relatives and friends, of what aggressive chemo means and what it does, one would be prone to accept such an outrageous statement.
Fortunately, in this case a quick denial came from Robin Gibb’s son. He stated that his father died of kidney failure, not of cancer. He further explained that his father (besides being given chemo) was given too many pain killers, and his kidneys were therefore malfunctioning; so the family requested that a dialysis be performed.

However the hospital refused, stating that the patient’s cancer was at stage IV and it would soon kill him anyway, rendering dialysis futile. The son rebutted that, however; following surgery, the tests reported the absence of malignancy. Consequently, the cancer wasn’t a threat any longer, but the kidney poisoning by chemo and pain killers were. Still, Robin Gibb died and the official statement reported by the press was that he died of cancer, which gave rise to a new attack from the cancer propaganda machine in support of early detection through a colonoscopy.

The procedure is advertized and supported by the AMA, as well as related special interest groups, like the American Cancer Society, constantly working on the brainwashing of the general public through incessant repetition. However, if one bothers to investigate the issue, the same person can discover that colonoscopies are actually rather dangerous and can cause intestinal damage, possibly leading to the same problem they are supposed to prevent.
The fact that early detection testing can actually be more dangerous than the disease itself is not something advertised by the media in the case of colon or any other type of cancer, but it constitutes as easily accessible information, if anybody bothers to look for it.

The fact still remains that the hospital staff, in the case of Robin Gibb (as in the cases of many others), did play God, and decided who lives or dies, based on its members’ perception of the facts and projection of possible future events.

Is anybody holding the hospitals and the media liable for what they do and say? Of course not! If they were, the citizens of this country might wake up from the trance they have been put under by mainstream news reporting, and they might actually rebel against the status quo.

If or hopefully WHEN that actually happens, WE THE PEOPLE of the US will be able to reclaim all of our rights that we have lost and enjoy true freedom once more.


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