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By POPEYE. Reposted from FederalJack.com.

(FEDERALJACK)   Without the question mark, this is the tail-end of the statement in the Pledge of Allegiance, represented by the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, south of Ellis Island at the New York port of entrance into the United States.

Since 1886 that declaration has inspired an endless number of immigrants, coming into this country armed with the certainty that all of their hopes and dreams will be fulfilled in this wonderful new world. Whether true or not, that was then, but what about now? Is the “liberty and justice for all” slogan still true, if it ever was, or is it a mere form of cheap propaganda?

It is hard to say in general, because most victims of injustice tend to be intimidated into silence, for fear of worse retaliation. However we can certainly provide a recent example which proves that “justice” is not for all, and the principles advertised by Lady Liberty are non-existent, at least sometimes.

But if Justice is selectively enforced, then the whole principle falls apart.

The example we just referenced brings us back to a case already discussed (at least partially) in a previous article, analyzing the fierce opposition to any innovation effecting the monetary interests of the medical establishment. As already exposed in said article, Dr. Carpenter tried for years to recruit the cooperation of various Medical Schools around the Country, in order to introduce a simple and safe way to destroy cancer, which eliminates all of the horrific problems of the methods presently considered as “standard care.”

It was already explained that once she realized that no one wanted to pay attention and take on something that would drastically reduce the cost of treatments, and quickly return individuals to a normal life, she decided to offer the therapy directly to patients herself, after pursuing a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine.

Most of the organizations that Dr. Carpenter had contacted over the years didn’t seem to be concerned about the possible competition, because Dr. Carpenter had insignificant financial resources, and was certainly not even comparable to the monumental backing of the opposition she faced. However, she was able to spread the word and help a good number of people seeking a better way to deal with their cancer. Dr. Carpenter has in fact been offering freedom from the terrifying torture called “standard cancer care” for over a decade.



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