Freak on a L.I.E.S.H.

On July 11, 2012, Dr. Carpenter’s Lase Med Inc. clinic was raided by eight uniformed officers of the FDA, who claimed to be acting on complaints by three people we now know as disinformants, (one a sociopathic liar), whose slanderous articles about Carpenter have been on the web for over three years, complaints that she was “selling false hope.” Even though they staged a raid based on a few complainants, they never once spoke with any of Dr. Carpenter’s successful patients before coming to take everything. Furthermore, the allegations being “investigated” included “reason to believe” that Dr. Carpenter was manufacturing and selling a DRUG, that this DRUG was being adulterated and mislabeled, and that she was in possession of “adulterated medical devices” which she was allegedly selling, neither of which were the case.

One of the disinformants whose complaints FDA were investigating is connected to a former patient…

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