The so called “Silent Majority” is presumed to accept any information provided by the media as proven undeniable truth; as a result the bearers of the details presented in the news are considered heros beyond reproach. For this reason  professional reporters scavenge any source of data and quite often report some biased or incorrect information as factual, worthy of mention within the context of their initial purpose, so they can achieve their goals.

Having recognized that all reporters are fame-seekers searching for the one case that can put them in the public eye as champions of the truth, then any apparently shady event can be considered worthy of attention, preferably under the worst possible light and without serious investigation of other factors. This has always happened and probably will continue undisturbed until the end of time, no matter how many lives it ruins; still in order to provide the public with a complete view of events, it is required and should be strictly enforced that the newscaster provides all sides of a story with equal diligence.

The latest example of what really happens in this new version of America, is represented by a story published yesterday in the “Owasso Reporter”;  Owasso being part of the Tulsa, Oklahoma metropolitan area.

In its application for a warrant, the FDA told the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma it suspected possible violations of federal law regarding wire fraud, causing a drug to be misbranded and a medical device to be adulterated, and failing to register a drug-manufacturing establishment…

The FDA agent who applied for the warrant to search Lase Med’s premises in Owasso told the court in writing he had “reason to believe that Antonella Carpenter and her business, Lase Med, are involved in an ongoing fraudulent scheme in which they promote and administer a misbranded drug and device to individuals with cancer while making false promises and representations to the individuals…”

The paper reports  the event as an “investigative” raid by FDA, even though all property required to carry on business were confiscated by FDA, including operating capital, leaving the individuals running a business unable to make a living, pay their bills, or even buy groceries, as if they were terrorists or manufacturers and distributors of illegal drugs.

Had this last detail been mentioned, the raid would have appeared in its true colors, i.e. a Gestapo-like attack, where the victims are assumed guilty before proven guilty. Rather antithetical to the principles of this Country, wouldn’t you say? Furthermore, the article makes reference to events of last year where the same Corporation and people involved were viciously demonized on hearsay, without being allowed to provide a shred of the voluminous evidence which would have shown the charges to be lies. Even though many former patients did contact the media last year in support of the unfairly accused, they were totally ignored; the same is happening to former patients now coming forth in support of LASE MED, Inc and its team.

So why is it that the slander and hearsay is being hailed as truth, and the truth, as reported in sometimes very moving testimonials, is ignored as invalid and unworthy of investigation?

If all of these abuses and omissions weren’t sufficient, the “investigative” warrant mentions “adulterated” drugs and equipment, referring to a simple stain used to change the color of tumors so that they can  absorb the light of a low power semiconductor LASER needed to kill tumors with the minimum amount of heat required to induce hyperthermia in the malignant tissue only.

Finally, the “adulterated” equipment consists of an assembly of off-the-shelf components, intended to provide a wider, not stronger, beam.

The warrant also lists violations of federal manufacturing rules, which would come into play only if the Corporation were involved in sale and distribution of the same equipment.

The fraud issue is brought forth under the claim that the methodology cannot kill cancer, utilizing the opinion of oncologists not involved in up-to-date research happening all over the world, and without proper verification.

In conclusion, the opinion of supporters of dangerous poisons, offered under the name of “chemotherapy”, must be taken at face value, but the evidence offered by people providing or receiving a completely safe treatment must be ignored and silenced. Furthermore, the people who developed an easy and safe treatment of cancer must be rendered destitute and thrown into oblivion,  because the  Pharmaceutical Industry must be allowed to continue its agenda to legally bankrupt and kill patients across the entire planet.

Is this the America we know and love?

If it isn’t, then let’s do something about it!

-Antonella Carpenter, PhD


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