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American FDA, or Gestapo?

As amply indicated in previous posts, by denying Dr. Carpenter, the targeted individual, of her rights  FDA has also deprived the entire population of the freedom to choose, by eliminating access to valid and superior alternatives capable to deliver what people have been praying to find for years.

The problem started long time ago, but reached what seemed to be the extreme, last year with the ridiculous deliberation of an illegal jury, during an unconstitutional trial. An interview of the plaintiff’s attorney brought to light a declaration that nobody expected to actually collect the award, but the action was intended to stop any breast cancer patient to actually seek the services of LASE MED, Inc.

After that a relatively dormant period in the area of libel and slander activities followed, leaving LASE MED, Inc simply struggling to survive from the aftermath of the false accusations. However last April, while moving some old files, a lone piece of paper unexpectedly flew out of the stack and brought the attention of LMI back to a forgotten important detail about a greatly publicized case, used to slander the Company’s treatment.

This helped bring to life a series of videos, exposing the truth and posted on  YouTube, appropriately entitled: “The Truth Rises to the Top”.

The videos had to be revised 4 or 5 times to silence the complaints against YouTube on the grounds of “privacy” infringement brought forth by the same people who had persistently slandered Dr. Carpenter on the web for three years.

Exactly two (2) days after the first video of the series was posted, a writ of execution was prepared, in order to start the collection process against LASE MED, Inc and Dr. Carpenter, based on the previous year’s Court deliberation. Nothing came of the writ, in view of the fact that the State of Oklahoma has no jurisdiction over the Corporation named in the case and Dr. Carpenter doesn’t have any property or valuables other than the equipment she used as means of support. But then, as recently reported,  the FDA raid happened, under the pretense of an appointment for a fictitious patient.

During the raid everything was taken, including operating capital, as if Dr. Carpenter were a illegal drug dealer or she handled any drug at all. In absence of any drug being used on the premises, saline solutions of a natural dye were confiscated, along with personal property and equipment, even though neither are or ever were for sale or distribution.

All of this was done because of alleged complaints reported to FDA, concerning 3 patients, under circumstances already proven by our videos to be unrelated to our activities, given exception of the fact that at some point  the patients had received our therapy, before electing to go back to standard methods. Furthermore, as in the case of the trial, our version of the facts and our evidence, capable to nullify any and all charges, were never considered as important in the decision to raid the LMI facility and confiscate its means to remain in business.

Apparently this kind of behavior is now acceptable in the US and can be utilized by powerful interests to obliterate the competition.

So, what do you say America?

Are we, the people of United States, going to stand for these abuses?

-Antonella Carpenter, PhD.


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