FDA’s Letter Sent to Dr. Carpenter’s Patients, and One Patient’s Reply

When FDA raided Lase Med Inc. on July 11, 2012, they not only took Dr. Carpenter’s laser devices (which they falsely contend are being adulterated, mislabeled, and held for resale), her color stain (which they falsely contend is a DRUG being manufactured, mislabeled, and held for resale), her money, and extracted all data from the office computers, but they also took all of the patient records. Following a template that was created decades ago with the attacks of the State of Texas against Stanislaw Burzynski, and the same pattern followed in Little Rock, AR, against Dr. Carpenter in 2009 to manufacture complaints and slanderous tales to be used against her in the courts and the media, FDA has used this most recently acquired information base of Lase Med Inc. patients in attempts to further demonize Dr. Carpenter, to find more people to manipulate for the purpose of generating complaints against her.

Below is a copy of the form letter FDA is sending to Dr. Carpenter’s former patients, and a written response to FDA by one of those patients who shared it with us: 

Dear ******************,

On July 11, 2012, a federal search warrant was executed at the Owasso, Oklahoma office of LaseMed, Inc. and Antonella Carpenter. During the search of the business, the Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations (“FDA/OCI”) acquired records regarding services that LaseMed may have provided to you. I write to inform you that those records are secure and any and all of your personal privacy information will be protected from public disclosure pursuant to applicable federal laws and regulations.

FDA/OCI is gathering information regarding LaseMed, Antonella Carpenter, and the services they have provided to clients. If you would like to speak with an FDA agent about this matter, please call the telephone number listed below, leave a message, and an agent will return your call. Leaving your name and telephone number at the number listed below will also allow us to contact you regarding the status of this matter, as it progresses.

Please contact Special Agent Jeremy Bain at 913/236-0831.


Patrick J. Holland Special Agent in Charge


You must be joking! Surely, You aren’t serious?  You bust into my doctors office, steal my personal records and read them and then you have the gall to say that you respect  MY PRIVACY!!!!

Doctor Carpenter is a genius and should have received a global award for her invention. Dr. Carpenter did what she did because she cared about helping people and she did it for all the altruistic reasons. Most oncologists, radiologists and surgeons are in it for the money!

She should not have been put out of business by the Gestapo and thugs that raided her office if the FDA really cared about the health and safety of the American public. But of course, that is not your agenda and the public is finding out.

Your agency cares nothing about the health and welfare of Americans. Your agenda lies in protecting the profits of the billion dollar cancer and pharmaceutical industries  that torture people, unload their bank accounts in legalized robbery and then send a nice sympathy card to the family of the deceased!  That’s what they did to members of my family and to my best friend. Then someone comes along who really cures cancer without the pain and suffering and for 1/10th of the cost and you harrass, intimidate and persecute them. Don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out your agenda.

When was the last time you busted into an oncologists, radiologists or surgeons office and ransacked them, harassed or intimidated their patients and stole their equipment and records. Well, maybe you should, to protect the public! After all, they kill 97% of their patients. That’s right, with a success rate of a dismal 3% that means that 97% of their patients DIE!!!  I would say that you aren’t doing your job! They instead ,should be sued by the families who have lost their loved ones and jailed for torture and murder.

As far as I’m concerned, FDA is nothing more than another corrupt branch of the Government and I for one intend to pressure my Reps in Congress about starting an investigation of the corruption, conflict of interest, and abuse of power of your organization. You have approved of drugs that have killed thousands, harassed cherry growers, walnut producers and organic farmers and above all, put out of business any alternative practitioner who has dared to cure people of dreaded diseases! If my Reps. Are too dishonest to take this seriously, I shall call every member of Congress till I get someone brave enough to do their job!

You are the ones responsible for the outcome of the patients that could not finish their treatment with Doctor Carpenter and you will ultimately be responsible for their deaths as well! Would it not be tragic for a member of the FDA to have a loved family member come down with cancer and realize that they helped to destroy the cure?



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