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The Scapegoats, by Dr. Antonella Carpenter

Many regular followers of this blog may be aware of our extended period of silence, following the abominable raid on LMI’s facility conducted by FDA last July. That event marked the worst year in the life of the LMI Team and one of the most despicable abuses of human rights and freedom in the history of this Country, as well as medicine, considering its devastating effect on patients’ lives. Such an event did put LMI’s leadership in a state of incredulous daze, which unfortunately has lasted for too many months already. Finally the fog has started to dissipate and, at least part of the original team, namely LMI’s Project Leader, is ready to fight back, with all the might of a strong little woman, who has fought injustice all of her life.

The last blog article is dated about a month prior to the so called “investigational raid” and it opened by asking the question:
“How close are we to the point of no return in personal freedom?” Little did LMI’s Team know that the answer was: “Way too close already!” All the evidence indicates that the FDA is nothing more than an army of outlaws, violating the Constitution at will, for the purpose of serving and preserving the interests of the Pharmaceutical Industry, in a Country where the “elected” officials are bought and paid for by major Corporations.

This is of course evident, on a daily basis, when dangerous drugs, carrying horrific side effects, are approved by FDA, even though they offer only the promise of possibly prolonging the life of patients, already “doomed” by the scary disease called cancer. At the same time the Country’s Leader is granted the honor of “making history” by passing the “Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act”, which is publicized as a mandate, requiring the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to establish “scientific frameworks” for pancreatic and other deadly cancers. It is anybody’s guess what the hidden meaning is in such vague wording. Still, the help comes directly from the source, by specifying that said ”frameworks” will help identify scientific advancements, evaluate the “efficiency” of researchers and outline a plan for “ongoing research.”

Furthermore, NCI will be “encouraged to rigorously evaluate existing research efforts and examine how well they are supporting progress in the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of named deadly cancers.” Based on the very wording referenced above, one can easily conclude that the requirement for acceptance and selection of “new” methods is directly connected to how well they provide more of what is already used; in other words, more of the same. Otherwise specified for people abhorring double talk, nothing different will be accepted unless, of course, it involves more and newer drugs.

Apparently no one is directing their attention to the very word “recalcitrant,” which in medicine indicates resistance to a medication. No one is even bothering to expose the fact that such a definition basically indicates that the selected treatment is ineffective on the disease for which it is being utilized.

Why then is cancer charged with the fault of stopping its own demise? Instead of admitting the dangerous inadequacy and the complete failure of the AMA supported treatments.

The human body, in its own way, is trying to indicate with obvious signs that the cancer cannot be blamed for the failure, and cannot be made the scapegoat in order to preserve the status quo in health care, and in this way preserve the financial interests of the industry. The method of using scapegoats is as old as time, therefore it is extremely surprising that people could not recognize the signs from the very beginning.

The same goes for the massacres caused by senseless shooting of innocent people by the hands of deranged individuals, whose perception of reality has been altered by dangerous medications. Instead of pointing the responsibility in the correct direction, blame is placed on weapons, which are intended for personal defense. Weapons, like all things, can be used for good or bad purposes, but they do not have a mind of their own and cannot produce any outcome, without human intervention; it is the human mind that controls the use of any weapon or any equipment or tool.

If the human mind’s function has been altered by drugs, intended to penetrate the protective barrier and alter the brain processes, it is then the physician who prescribes such dangerous medications who is the one responsible for causing the resulting tragedies, not the patient, and certainly not the weapon nor its availability to the public. Following said principle, people shouldn’t have access to chain saws, sledge hammers, knives of any kind, including kitchen knives, nor any other potentially deadly gadget.

Nothing in the media handling of these violent episodes makes any sense whatsoever, unless one includes into the picture ulterior motives and special agendas, which in this case would be:

1. The financial interests of pharmaceutical corporations and universities, derived from open end research “efforts.”

2. The Government’s interest to silence opposition and squash rebellion, by taking away means of defense from a public of dissidents.

Consequently the final question here is:

My fellow Americans, are we willing to allow such abuses of our God-given rights, as our friend Barbara Hartwell would say, to continue without restraints? Are we going to accept the fact that these abuses are going to get worse by the day, until our Country is totally destroyed? Or are we going to stand up and put an end to the escalating abominable behavior of our Government? The Occupy Movement was created and carried on with peaceful means, but it was squashed with violence from the very groups whom our elected officials wish to be the only ones entitled to carry guns.

Is this writing intended to encourage revolution? Actually it is intended to help people dissipate the fog of incredulity, which we also have experienced for way too long, and stand up to oppose all attacks to our freedoms, beginning with preserving the right to bear arms; as a message to the perpetrators of threats to our freedom, in order to clearly send the message that what they fear can and will happen, unless they revert their activities to the original purpose of their jobs, which is to serve, protect and support the interests of the American people, not the greed of big corporations or other assorted mega-powers.

Antonella Carpenter, PhD.


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