Two years after the raid that shut her down, official closing statements from Dr. Carpenter,  from the homepage of .

We would like to inform former patients, as well as the general public, that shortly after the infamous FDA raid on July 11, 2012, LASE MED Inc. has gone out of business, unable to operate and pay the corporation dues to the State of Nevada, for lack of funds.

In spite of our great efforts, we have not been able to fulfill our goal to provide in this Country a simple and effective solution to cancer. This failure is not due to any inadequacy of our technology, but to the refusal by the part of the AMA, assisted by the FDA, to even investigate our claims with appropriate verification testing. Apparently, controlling authorities have not progressed much with their actions since the days of the Catholic Inquisition vs. Galileo.

We have no idea how much time will pass and how many more people will unnecessarily suffer and die before the undeniable scientific validity of our LIESH Therapy is recognized. If a Federal Agency like the FDA is allowed to harass, torment and threaten ordinary citizens, who are merely trying to make a living by honestly helping the public, the outlook for a better future in health care is very bleak.

The FDA not only acted on the complaint of one clueless individual to attack and destroy a threat to the pharmaceutical industry, but it also continued and is now still allowed to torment the former members of LASE MED, Inc., who are currently struggling to pay their bills and survive.

Oklahoma is chronologically the first and one of the eight States offering Safe Harbor to alternative practitioners and healers. Consequently, the FDA had no authority to raid an organization not utilizing drugs nor manufacturing medical devices. For this reason, the FDA, through the actions of one Jeremy Bain (trained as a spy, not a scientist), lied about LMI’s business activities in order to obtain a Warrant to raid this Corporation and steal its property and resources.

Even though the action was labeled “confiscation of illegal equipment and funds,” as if LMI were an illegal drug smuggling operation, the action was nothing more than theft of personal property and funds, since it was done under false accusations.

LMI operated in Oklahoma a legal alternative medicine treatment center, utilizing light to heal people without prescription or illegal drugs; because logic tells you that water, salt and food coloring are not drugs, in spite of what FDA has been trying to claim.

However, the main charge against LMI and its President introduced by the FDA is “fraud”, implying that LMI fraudulently claimed to be able to heal cancer. Again, the charge was made over one (1) complaint, while completely ignoring all the letters they received from former patients, now free of cancer. How can it be fraud if it worked for patients who had the treatment and followed the post-treatment guidelines?

This is the reality of the present situation:

The former staff of LMI are now struggling to keep a roof over their heads and survive, including Dr. Carpenter, who by now should have been able to enjoy the fruits of her many years of labor.

Even worse, the citizens of this Country are forced to accept the horrors of the status quo in cancer treatment, while a simple, trouble-free and side-effect free cure exists. Yet, this option will be buried and forgotten, as other valid alternative treatments have over the years, thanks to the FDA.

Unfortunately, we must conclude that it is preferable for our government to deprive the world of better alternative solutions to a devastating medical condition, than to admit that the AMA has failed its patients and that large pharmaceutical corporations must give up their insane profits from cancer drugs.


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