Dr. Antonella Carpenter, the host of The Medical Conspiracy Show, discusses mistakes, misinformation, and lies in the Medical Establishment, with particular emphasis placed on the Cancer Industry. Dr. Carpenter provides possible solutions to the problems in the health care industry, as a result of what she has seen in her 28 years as CEO of Lase Med Inc.
Dr. Carpenter was born and raised in Northern Italy. It was there that she earned the main portion of her education in Theoretical Physics. She moved to the United States in 1968, after marrying an American soldier, and after a devastating divorce in 1977, she quickly earned her U.S. Bachelor and Master degrees in Physics (the latter at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma), in order to secure a job and support her family.She then worked for a few major defense contractors, during the Reagan Administration, but was quite unceremoniously thrown out of that industry and black-listed for being a whistle blower. After months of extreme financial hardship, she accidentally got involved in independent research about LASER technology applied to medicine. She then became one of the founders of Lase Med, Inc., a Research & Development company, established in 1989. That was the beginning of a very long financial and emotional hardship, in order to capture the attention and cooperation of the medical establishment.

After years of R&D and confirmation testing, in spite of vain efforts to secure federal and/or non-profit groups’ funding to assist in the research, Dr. Carpenter finally concluded that her research findings would fade into oblivion, unless she took charge of her Corporation’s future, and personally stepped into the medical side of the corporate operations.

Therefore, Dr. Carpenter proceeded to expand her field of education, which lead to a Doctorate in Experimental Physics and a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine (both acquired in the UK). In what seemed the conclusion of a long struggle, Dr. Carpenter started treating patients with LASE MED, INC.’s L.I.E.S.H. Therapy in the year 2000. However, what was initially interpreted as a happy ending, actually turned out to be the beginning of a vicious and bloody war against the medical establishment, which seems to care little about the best interest of the patients, and bent on maintaining the status quo in medical care.



To further public awareness of the conspiratorial nature of the modern medical establishment, specifically the cancer industry, motivated by profit and greed rather than by a desire to eliminate disease, which limits the personal freedoms necessary for the patient to decide what is best for him or her; and to begin to make changes through a peaceful and civil revolution.

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