FDA’s Letter Sent to Dr. Carpenter’s Patients, and One Patient’s Reply

When FDA raided Lase Med Inc. on July 11, 2012, they not only took Dr. Carpenter’s laser devices (which they falsely contend are being adulterated, mislabeled, and held for resale), her color stain (which they falsely contend is a DRUG being manufactured, mislabeled, and held for resale), her money, and extracted all data from the office computers, but they also took all of the patient records. Following a template that was created decades ago with the attacks of the State of Texas against Stanislaw Burzynski, and the same pattern followed in Little Rock, AR, against Dr. Carpenter in 2009 to manufacture complaints and slanderous tales to be used against her in the courts and the media, FDA has used this most recently acquired information base of Lase Med Inc. patients in attempts to further demonize Dr. Carpenter, to find more people to manipulate for the purpose of generating complaints against her.

Below is a copy of the form letter FDA is sending to Dr. Carpenter’s former patients, and a written response to FDA by one of those patients who shared it with us: 

Dear ******************,

On July 11, 2012, a federal search warrant was executed at the Owasso, Oklahoma office of LaseMed, Inc. and Antonella Carpenter. During the search of the business, the Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations (“FDA/OCI”) acquired records regarding services that LaseMed may have provided to you. I write to inform you that those records are secure and any and all of your personal privacy information will be protected from public disclosure pursuant to applicable federal laws and regulations.

FDA/OCI is gathering information regarding LaseMed, Antonella Carpenter, and the services they have provided to clients. If you would like to speak with an FDA agent about this matter, please call the telephone number listed below, leave a message, and an agent will return your call. Leaving your name and telephone number at the number listed below will also allow us to contact you regarding the status of this matter, as it progresses.

Please contact Special Agent Jeremy Bain at 913/236-0831.


Patrick J. Holland Special Agent in Charge


You must be joking! Surely, You aren’t serious?  You bust into my doctors office, steal my personal records and read them and then you have the gall to say that you respect  MY PRIVACY!!!!

Doctor Carpenter is a genius and should have received a global award for her invention. Dr. Carpenter did what she did because she cared about helping people and she did it for all the altruistic reasons. Most oncologists, radiologists and surgeons are in it for the money!

She should not have been put out of business by the Gestapo and thugs that raided her office if the FDA really cared about the health and safety of the American public. But of course, that is not your agenda and the public is finding out.

Your agency cares nothing about the health and welfare of Americans. Your agenda lies in protecting the profits of the billion dollar cancer and pharmaceutical industries  that torture people, unload their bank accounts in legalized robbery and then send a nice sympathy card to the family of the deceased!  That’s what they did to members of my family and to my best friend. Then someone comes along who really cures cancer without the pain and suffering and for 1/10th of the cost and you harrass, intimidate and persecute them. Don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out your agenda.

When was the last time you busted into an oncologists, radiologists or surgeons office and ransacked them, harassed or intimidated their patients and stole their equipment and records. Well, maybe you should, to protect the public! After all, they kill 97% of their patients. That’s right, with a success rate of a dismal 3% that means that 97% of their patients DIE!!!  I would say that you aren’t doing your job! They instead ,should be sued by the families who have lost their loved ones and jailed for torture and murder.

As far as I’m concerned, FDA is nothing more than another corrupt branch of the Government and I for one intend to pressure my Reps in Congress about starting an investigation of the corruption, conflict of interest, and abuse of power of your organization. You have approved of drugs that have killed thousands, harassed cherry growers, walnut producers and organic farmers and above all, put out of business any alternative practitioner who has dared to cure people of dreaded diseases! If my Reps. Are too dishonest to take this seriously, I shall call every member of Congress till I get someone brave enough to do their job!

You are the ones responsible for the outcome of the patients that could not finish their treatment with Doctor Carpenter and you will ultimately be responsible for their deaths as well! Would it not be tragic for a member of the FDA to have a loved family member come down with cancer and realize that they helped to destroy the cure?



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Bold-Faced Violations of Civil Rights, Based on Lies, Committed by F.D.A.

Food and Drug Administration logo

Your tax dollars hard at work, protecting the financial interests of Big Pharma.

By Antonella Carpenter, PhD.
July 18, 2012.

Original article.

This is a very sad time for all of us everywhere in this Country, not just for our small Corporation; but it is necessary for me to speak out loudly and clearly on what has been happening recently.

Many times, on this site in addition to our radio program, we have exposed the abuses perpetuated by self-regulating organizations, which seem to ignore the existence of individual rights, but never before have we faced the complete obliteration of our beliefs, along with our way of life, on a scale as large as we have been forced to acknowledge and face after recent events.

On our blogs and on radio shows, we reported last week’s FDA raid to our business, but we haven’t yet exposed the sequence of events leading to it, nor its connection to a sustained conspiracy relentlessly conducted against LASE MED, Inc. to push this Corporation out of business and in this way eliminate yet one more threat to the status-quo.

In this case it is a matter of the threat we present to the health care establishment, and realizing that medicine today is far from being perfect or even effective, any effort by mainstream medicine to destroy the competition is far more than a mere violation of the anti-trust law.

In order to support our claim that what has recently happened is nothing more than a confirmation of a major conspiracy against LASE MED, Inc, we are going to recap the sequence of events culminating with the raid.

On January 2009, the newly founded LASE MED INC of Oklahoma opened up for business in the Tulsa metropolitan area, after the LMI team had moved away from the Little Rock area and LASE MED INC of Arkansas had been dismantled, following ridiculous attacks from the local Medical Board.

After the move, the LMI Team went on with business as usual, until a slanderous web site (lasemedinc.net) appeared on the web making false claims and accusations, along with the mention of a law suit , a lawsuit of which LMI hadn’t any knowledge up to that point. Yes, the creator of the web page knew about the lawsuit before the defendant did.

To make a very long story shorter, Dr. Carpenter and LASE MED, Inc, a totally independent Nevada Corporation, were served with a law suit, by a Court which had no jurisdiction whatsoever over either named defendants. After that, what followed can only be defined as a devastating windstorm of money wasted on double crossing lawyers, horrid posts full of lies from hate bloggers connected to the attacking attorney, expenses running out of control, and disappearing patients, started settling on the business and remained there for years; as a result everyday life became a nightmare for the members of the LMI team.

Still everybody braced and resisted the major offensive, waiting for the storm to blow over. The events preceding the trial turned into a farce, with evidence being deliberately hidden by the defense attorney, witnesses’ depositions not being filed in the Court, and later being disallowed to avoid “confusing” and “prejudicing” the jury.

All of this, accompanied by the fact that the trial was a violation of the 14th amendment, should have never been conducted, but should have simply gone into default award because the defense was not present. The amount involved in a default judgement would have been rather insignificant compared to the one set by the “jury” selected by the plaintiff’s attorney only.

After this absurd series of events more worthy of a dictatorship than a “free” country, things seemed to calm down, but patient traffic remained extremely limited, and survival of the business constantly in danger. Concern and struggle remained everyday companions for the LMI team; until during Easter time, while moving files, when an important document literally flew out of one stack of files.

It was a prescription for an Ultrasound from 2008, requested by the then overseeing physician at LMI, for a former patient whose husband was used as a witness for the plaintiff, at the illegal trial. This patient had remained a “poster Child” for the fraudulent case against LMI on the web; however the prescription in question, containing a diagnosis of a second type of cancer which was never treated by Lase Med Inc, totally negated their accusations and related insults against LMI and Dr. Carpenter.

After investigating HIPAA rules and discovering that they do not apply to alternative practitioners, Dr. Carpenter decided to go public with the actual facts of the case and to inform the public of the truth, utilizing the power of YouTube.

(Embedded playlist, multiple videos.)

Although no one at LMI was aware of what was brooding, two days after the first video of the “The Truth Rises to the Top” series was posted on the web, a writ of execution was filed, to collect the previous year’s judgement against LMI and Dr. Carpenter, which had then been described by the plaintiff’s attorney to the mass media as a judgment which could not be collected, but more importantly a “public warning to potential patients” to stay away from Lase Med Inc.

Dr. Carpenter answered the writ with explanations and proof that the Court, which held the trial violating the laws of this Country, was acting outside its jurisdiction; the answer included other details that rendered the writ void.

There wasn’t an answer nor any action following Dr. Carpenter’s answer to the Oklahoma Court; but then the raid came on July 11, 2012, with all its absurd excuses for confiscating everything (equipment, records, computer data, and all money) and rendering the Corporation and its team totally destitute, with no means of paying its bills and earning a living. The “legal” excuse for the raid was cited as “reason to believe that Lase Med Inc. was in possession of adulterated medical devices, and that by mixing FDA-approved saline solution with FDA-approved food coloring to use as a dye, Dr. Carpenter was running an unregistered DRUG MANUFACTURING FACILITY!”

Let’s not forget that the devastating raid was carried out under the guise of a patient appointment made for a non-existent patient, under the pretense of merely investigating complaints, and for that a scientist and her team were treated as illicit drug kingpins or terrorists.

(Embedded playlist, multiple videos.)

Is this the purpose for which FDA was created?

Is this justified, while manufacturers of drugs, that kill hundred of thousand of people every year, are superficially reviewed, possibly fined, but never stopped from operating and irreversibly damaged?

But if any of the old determination remains in the heart of our citizens, I would say:

Stand up America. Let’s unite and take our Country back.
Let’s bring back the desire to adhere to the principles that made this Country strong and powerful.

Let’s take back what our ancestors gave us and reclaim our independence from tyranny, in all aspects of our lives including health care.

Let’s all unite to put an end to the oppression and the abuses of our God-given rights.

Because by raiding LASE MED, Inc and accusing its founder, FDA has not only denied the targeted individual of her rights, but it has also deprived the entire population of the freedom to choose, by eliminating access to different alternatives, not ordinary or insignificant ones, but valid and superior alternatives capable of providing what people hope and pray to find.

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American FDA, or Gestapo?

As amply indicated in previous posts, by denying Dr. Carpenter, the targeted individual, of her rights  FDA has also deprived the entire population of the freedom to choose, by eliminating access to valid and superior alternatives capable to deliver what people have been praying to find for years.

The problem started long time ago, but reached what seemed to be the extreme, last year with the ridiculous deliberation of an illegal jury, during an unconstitutional trial. An interview of the plaintiff’s attorney brought to light a declaration that nobody expected to actually collect the award, but the action was intended to stop any breast cancer patient to actually seek the services of LASE MED, Inc.

After that a relatively dormant period in the area of libel and slander activities followed, leaving LASE MED, Inc simply struggling to survive from the aftermath of the false accusations. However last April, while moving some old files, a lone piece of paper unexpectedly flew out of the stack and brought the attention of LMI back to a forgotten important detail about a greatly publicized case, used to slander the Company’s treatment.

This helped bring to life a series of videos, exposing the truth and posted on  YouTube, appropriately entitled: “The Truth Rises to the Top”.

The videos had to be revised 4 or 5 times to silence the complaints against YouTube on the grounds of “privacy” infringement brought forth by the same people who had persistently slandered Dr. Carpenter on the web for three years.

Exactly two (2) days after the first video of the series was posted, a writ of execution was prepared, in order to start the collection process against LASE MED, Inc and Dr. Carpenter, based on the previous year’s Court deliberation. Nothing came of the writ, in view of the fact that the State of Oklahoma has no jurisdiction over the Corporation named in the case and Dr. Carpenter doesn’t have any property or valuables other than the equipment she used as means of support. But then, as recently reported,  the FDA raid happened, under the pretense of an appointment for a fictitious patient.

During the raid everything was taken, including operating capital, as if Dr. Carpenter were a illegal drug dealer or she handled any drug at all. In absence of any drug being used on the premises, saline solutions of a natural dye were confiscated, along with personal property and equipment, even though neither are or ever were for sale or distribution.

All of this was done because of alleged complaints reported to FDA, concerning 3 patients, under circumstances already proven by our videos to be unrelated to our activities, given exception of the fact that at some point  the patients had received our therapy, before electing to go back to standard methods. Furthermore, as in the case of the trial, our version of the facts and our evidence, capable to nullify any and all charges, were never considered as important in the decision to raid the LMI facility and confiscate its means to remain in business.

Apparently this kind of behavior is now acceptable in the US and can be utilized by powerful interests to obliterate the competition.

So, what do you say America?

Are we, the people of United States, going to stand for these abuses?

-Antonella Carpenter, PhD.


The so called “Silent Majority” is presumed to accept any information provided by the media as proven undeniable truth; as a result the bearers of the details presented in the news are considered heros beyond reproach. For this reason  professional reporters scavenge any source of data and quite often report some biased or incorrect information as factual, worthy of mention within the context of their initial purpose, so they can achieve their goals.

Having recognized that all reporters are fame-seekers searching for the one case that can put them in the public eye as champions of the truth, then any apparently shady event can be considered worthy of attention, preferably under the worst possible light and without serious investigation of other factors. This has always happened and probably will continue undisturbed until the end of time, no matter how many lives it ruins; still in order to provide the public with a complete view of events, it is required and should be strictly enforced that the newscaster provides all sides of a story with equal diligence.

The latest example of what really happens in this new version of America, is represented by a story published yesterday in the “Owasso Reporter”;  Owasso being part of the Tulsa, Oklahoma metropolitan area.

In its application for a warrant, the FDA told the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma it suspected possible violations of federal law regarding wire fraud, causing a drug to be misbranded and a medical device to be adulterated, and failing to register a drug-manufacturing establishment…

The FDA agent who applied for the warrant to search Lase Med’s premises in Owasso told the court in writing he had “reason to believe that Antonella Carpenter and her business, Lase Med, are involved in an ongoing fraudulent scheme in which they promote and administer a misbranded drug and device to individuals with cancer while making false promises and representations to the individuals…”

The paper reports  the event as an “investigative” raid by FDA, even though all property required to carry on business were confiscated by FDA, including operating capital, leaving the individuals running a business unable to make a living, pay their bills, or even buy groceries, as if they were terrorists or manufacturers and distributors of illegal drugs.

Had this last detail been mentioned, the raid would have appeared in its true colors, i.e. a Gestapo-like attack, where the victims are assumed guilty before proven guilty. Rather antithetical to the principles of this Country, wouldn’t you say? Furthermore, the article makes reference to events of last year where the same Corporation and people involved were viciously demonized on hearsay, without being allowed to provide a shred of the voluminous evidence which would have shown the charges to be lies. Even though many former patients did contact the media last year in support of the unfairly accused, they were totally ignored; the same is happening to former patients now coming forth in support of LASE MED, Inc and its team.

So why is it that the slander and hearsay is being hailed as truth, and the truth, as reported in sometimes very moving testimonials, is ignored as invalid and unworthy of investigation?

If all of these abuses and omissions weren’t sufficient, the “investigative” warrant mentions “adulterated” drugs and equipment, referring to a simple stain used to change the color of tumors so that they can  absorb the light of a low power semiconductor LASER needed to kill tumors with the minimum amount of heat required to induce hyperthermia in the malignant tissue only.

Finally, the “adulterated” equipment consists of an assembly of off-the-shelf components, intended to provide a wider, not stronger, beam.

The warrant also lists violations of federal manufacturing rules, which would come into play only if the Corporation were involved in sale and distribution of the same equipment.

The fraud issue is brought forth under the claim that the methodology cannot kill cancer, utilizing the opinion of oncologists not involved in up-to-date research happening all over the world, and without proper verification.

In conclusion, the opinion of supporters of dangerous poisons, offered under the name of “chemotherapy”, must be taken at face value, but the evidence offered by people providing or receiving a completely safe treatment must be ignored and silenced. Furthermore, the people who developed an easy and safe treatment of cancer must be rendered destitute and thrown into oblivion,  because the  Pharmaceutical Industry must be allowed to continue its agenda to legally bankrupt and kill patients across the entire planet.

Is this the America we know and love?

If it isn’t, then let’s do something about it!

-Antonella Carpenter, PhD


Freak on a L.I.E.S.H.

On July 11, 2012, Dr. Carpenter’s Lase Med Inc. clinic was raided by eight uniformed officers of the FDA, who claimed to be acting on complaints by three people we now know as disinformants, (one a sociopathic liar), whose slanderous articles about Carpenter have been on the web for over three years, complaints that she was “selling false hope.” Even though they staged a raid based on a few complainants, they never once spoke with any of Dr. Carpenter’s successful patients before coming to take everything. Furthermore, the allegations being “investigated” included “reason to believe” that Dr. Carpenter was manufacturing and selling a DRUG, that this DRUG was being adulterated and mislabeled, and that she was in possession of “adulterated medical devices” which she was allegedly selling, neither of which were the case.

One of the disinformants whose complaints FDA were investigating is connected to a former patient…

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CRIMINAL ACTIONS OF A “CIVIL” COURT; Truth Still Rises to the Top, Part 2B

Exposing the civil procedure and due process violations of last year’s bogus lawsuit against Dr. Carpenter.

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By POPEYE. Reposted from FederalJack.com.

(FEDERALJACK)   Without the question mark, this is the tail-end of the statement in the Pledge of Allegiance, represented by the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, south of Ellis Island at the New York port of entrance into the United States.

Since 1886 that declaration has inspired an endless number of immigrants, coming into this country armed with the certainty that all of their hopes and dreams will be fulfilled in this wonderful new world. Whether true or not, that was then, but what about now? Is the “liberty and justice for all” slogan still true, if it ever was, or is it a mere form of cheap propaganda?

It is hard to say in general, because most victims of injustice tend to be intimidated into silence, for fear of worse retaliation. However we can certainly provide a recent example which proves that “justice” is not for all, and the principles advertised by Lady Liberty are non-existent, at least sometimes.

But if Justice is selectively enforced, then the whole principle falls apart.

The example we just referenced brings us back to a case already discussed (at least partially) in a previous article, analyzing the fierce opposition to any innovation effecting the monetary interests of the medical establishment. As already exposed in said article, Dr. Carpenter tried for years to recruit the cooperation of various Medical Schools around the Country, in order to introduce a simple and safe way to destroy cancer, which eliminates all of the horrific problems of the methods presently considered as “standard care.”

It was already explained that once she realized that no one wanted to pay attention and take on something that would drastically reduce the cost of treatments, and quickly return individuals to a normal life, she decided to offer the therapy directly to patients herself, after pursuing a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine.

Most of the organizations that Dr. Carpenter had contacted over the years didn’t seem to be concerned about the possible competition, because Dr. Carpenter had insignificant financial resources, and was certainly not even comparable to the monumental backing of the opposition she faced. However, she was able to spread the word and help a good number of people seeking a better way to deal with their cancer. Dr. Carpenter has in fact been offering freedom from the terrifying torture called “standard cancer care” for over a decade.