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Every individual that is born and raised in the United States of America has thought, and maybe still does, from a very early age that we all live in the best place on the planet, where freedom and individual liberties are protected by the Constitution, as detailed in the Bill of Rights. I was not […]

Sick Care for Everyone?

Last week’s most highlighted event has been, and still is, the battle in Washington about what politicians call “Health Care” reform. Two questions are on the forefront of the issue: Is it really a reform? Is it really about health? Actually if logic is allowed to enter the debate, it should be said that what […]

Let’s Stand Up, America!

Before the previous blog could be posted, the shameless individual exposed in that post had the audacity to claim that he was just “joking”, and that he didn’t mean anything “personal” against the law student who testified in Washington in favor of insurance coverage for contraceptives. For over two years, yours truly also has been […]

What’s the “Rush”?

It is rather amazing how the moment I am very busy with a different type of writing, like our Newsletter, that is the exact time when everything seems to break loose and the immediate need arises for turning  the public’s attention to the obvious, which is hiding behind the chaos. One quite well known loudmouth, […]

results of cancer treatment

After much research, we found one place that if one followed the protocol for breast/skin cancer the success rate is extremely high and that is at Lase Med, Inc. in Tulsa OK. Dr. Carpenter tells it as it is and her staff provides the necessary communication in handling all that is necessary.After almost three years […]