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US Attorney Danny Williams: “She was receiving monies, for a procedure that did not work…”  after weeks of being shown irrefutable proof that it DID WORK.

-by Randy Simmons, FEB 11, 2016


On February 10, 2016, after four days of jury deliberation, Dr. Antonella Carpenter was found “guilty” on 29 of 41 counts of “fraud,” by a jury that somehow included an attorney… as foreman. Sure, that’s not suspicious.

It is what we say it is, and we say it’s fraud.

  • When info packets were sent out to prospective patients, prospective patients who had requested them, info packets that gave accurate information about the laser treatment, and contained not a single misrepresentation, that was “mail fraud,” multiple counts.
  • When patients were emailed and told the truth about her treatment and how it works, that was “wire fraud,” multiple counts.
  • And when patients voluntarily traveled to Oklahoma to receive this treatment, that was not misrepresented in the info packets, nor the emails, nor the phone consultations, that was “travel fraud,” multiple counts.

Pay no mind to the fact that by legal definition, for “fraud” to exist, there must be as a necessary element of the crime, a proven intent to mislead or deceive, which was in this case proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be completely non existent.

Pay no mind to the 12 living testaments to the effectiveness of her treatment that came to defend her, and the many others who sent letters to the FDA. (I wonder how it makes THEM feel, to know that for 7 to 10 years, they have only been “imagining” that they were cancer free, and that the treatment that saved them was in reality a fraud.)

“Yes, you have been deceived. You need to come in for aggressive chemo… we want our money, and you need to die so we will have another case to use against her.” 

Pay no mind to the fact that of the seven patient cases used against her, the five who died ALL HAD CHEMO in their last few months alive, despite Dr. Carpenter’s emotional and at times angered pleas with them to not do it, as it would be suicide. Throughout the case, even when I was grilled before the Grand Jury in August 2014, it always seemed that beneath it all, the real crime here was blaspheming the false gods of chemo.

“Are you aware Mr. Simmons, that she was telling her patients to stay away from chemotherapy?”

Yes I was. One of these emotional pleas with a patient was even used as evidence against her, for getting upset with the patient. Forget that Carpenter  wanted the patient to live… forget that she genuinely cared… forget that she told the patient chemo would kill her (and it did)…  no, all that matters is that she got angry, so that makes her an evil person who blasphemes chemotherapy… and it makes her GUILTY OF FRAUD!


“showing FEELINGS… showing feelings of an almost human nature…  this will not do…”

Pay no mind
to the fact that even though only seven ex patient cases were used against her, twelve healthy ex patients traveled from across the hemisphere to Tulsa and defended her, one of whom, an Amish gentleman who would have lost an eyeball to oncologists but now has both (the “bad” eye now having better visual clarity than the other) testified about his son who also had the treatment, and the story so intrigued the judge (who commented many times during proceedings that he had “never in his life seen a case like this one”), that he began asking direct questions about his case as well. That makes thirteen patient cases for the defense vs seven for the prosecution.

Pay no mind to the prosecution’s oncologist having to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights under cross examination, causing the court to recess, then afterward admitting in front of the jury that he asked for more money in exchange for his “testimony.” The quote was “I don’t recall everything, but my memory would improve if you paid me more money,” and under oath he had to admit it when confronted.

Pay no mind to the expert witness brought in from Dartmouth University’s laser cancer research department, who verified every detail of how the treatment, exactly as Dr. Carpenter describes it and performs it, DOES kill cancer. And pay no mind to the dates available online that prove Carpenter’s patent pre-dates ALL such programs by over a decade.

“Yes, the telephone has changed life as we know it, but that Alexander Graham Bell character was a complete fraud.”

Pay no mind to the FDA laser expert who was first brought in by prosecution, but once they learned that her testimony corroborated what Dr. Carpenter said, was removed from their witness list, and used as defense witness.

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Pay no mind to the fact that the entire case from cradle to grave was brought to you courtesy of  AMGEN‬ BIOTECH… makers of Neupagen, a drug used by all chemo patients to increase white cell count, allowing them to stay on chemo longer. More chemo, more money for Big Pharma.


Pay no mind to the fact that Ryan Souders, the US Attorney who started the spy operation against Dr. Carpenter in 2010, even while the civil case in Arkansas was still underway, who pushed the case through, who instructed the FDA agents on “adulterated drugs and adulterated medical devices,” who instructed them on “how to gather electronic evidence,” how to create illegal affidavits full of lies and half-truths to get a magistrate’s approval for an armed raid, this creature with the most devoid-of-conscience pair of eyes I have ever looked into, this bloodthirsty animal who grilled me so viciously on the stand over a $300.00 a week salary, and who instructed the Grand Jury to indict Dr. Carpenter in 2014, after six consecutive years as a US Attorney working for DOJ, suddenly left his position with the US Attorney’s office and started working for Amgen in their legal department LESS THAN ONE MONTH AFTER GETTING DR. CARPENTER INDICTED, and now holds the position of SENIOR LEGAL COUNSEL for the Pharma Giant.  





( https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryansouders )

If you click the above link, you may see this.


Pay no mind to the fact that Souders’ LinkedIn page has gone offline now, as of Feb 13, 2016, two days after the release of this blog article. It may be due to a change in the status of the profile, or some other issue, like being exposed perhaps. Since we knew this would happen, we have saved a PDF of the page for your convenience. You will also notice that right before his position with the US Attorney’s office in Virginia, he got WebMD’s  Medical Manager Corp. off the hook for money laundering charges. This man is basically a highly paid prostitute for Big Pharma, and his resume shows it.

PDF copy of the “vanishing” LinkedIn page:  RYAN_SOUDERS_LINKEDIN

You had this page online for years Ryan, for bragging rights about all your accomplishments, and to advertise yourself as a pharma whore for hire. Look at all your “endorsements.” Why do you suddenly want to take it offline NOW?
How much did Amgen pay you to indict Dr. Carpenter?
How many hours would you say you put in for that big payoff?


Pay no mind to the scores of articles available online admitting to the ineffectiveness and dangers of chemotherapy, and to the fact that mainstream cancer treatments actually cause more cancer than they resolve, and pay no mind to the fact that this entire case is really about defending chemo and the “unholy trinity” of cancer treatments: chemo, which causes metastasis, radiation, which causes cancer, and surgery, which causes internal bleeding and therefore spreads cancer.

Pay no mind to any of these minor “inconvenient details” of the case. Our media did not cover them so they did not happen. Our reporters were intentionally not even there on the days most of these facts emerged.

It has been proven that the treatment works, but it’s still fraud… because we say so. And by God, we’ll keep you in this jury chamber for a month to get a conviction if we have to.

No fraud nor deception has been proven (on the part of Dr. Carpenter that is). Euclid is rolling in his grave, not to mention Socrates, Benjamin Rush, and the Framers of the US Constitution.

Some things have been proven though. It has been proven is that our corrupt corporate-pharma-garchy will spare no expense (spending more money than she made in her entire career) in stalking former patients and convincing them to take deadly chemo drugs, to cause complications that they can then use to incriminate someone who actually helped them, and use to cover up the results of her treatment. (Remember, oncologists even cut the breasts off the woman in the AR civil case just to destroy the evidence of DEAD CANCER, and then convinced her it was THEY who saved her, despite medical documentation to the contrary.)  It has been proven that  #‎RyanSouders‬, former US Attorney and current head of the legal dept at  ‪#‎AmgenBiotech‬, was at the core of this entire sham from the beginning, but curiously absent during the Court proceedings. And it has been proven to me at least, that jury tampering is a present-day reality. For an impartial jury to render a guilty fraud verdict, in the face of all the overwhelming evidence that was put before them, is simply unconscionable… unless there were other forces at work.

Most importantly, it has been proven that big money
matters more than truth OR justice.
Right, Mr. Souders?


“It was an inside job, by the well-connected.
Your little protest, summarily rejected…” -Don Henley


This miscarriage of justice was funded by


Reaction to the verdict:

Dr. Carpenter’s attorney Rob Ridenour has given her the “green light” to speak out, as she is free until the sentencing in May 2016, he knows this was a gross miscarriage of justice, and major media refuses to cover the entire story. So she is going on air in various venues, (as long as those venues are not sponsored by drug companies, which rules out nearly all mainstream media.)

Please join our voices and speak out against this type of criminal collusion and abuse! We have only a short time!

Write to the judge and voice your anger and concerns. Demand a retrial in the face of this gross miscarriage. Dr. Carpenter’s attorney has requested we have responses sent to him so that he can present them to the judge together. Send letters or emails to:

Judge James H. Payne / case 14-CR-135-JHP
c/o Rob Ridenour
1 West 3rd Street
Suite 1225
Tulsa, OK, 74103


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