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US Attorney Danny Williams: “She was receiving monies, for a procedure that did not work…”  after weeks of being shown irrefutable proof that it DID WORK.

-by Randy Simmons, FEB 11, 2016


On February 10, 2016, after four days of jury deliberation, Dr. Antonella Carpenter was found “guilty” on 29 of 41 counts of “fraud,” by a jury that somehow included an attorney… as foreman. Sure, that’s not suspicious.

It is what we say it is, and we say it’s fraud.

  • When info packets were sent out to prospective patients, prospective patients who had requested them, info packets that gave accurate information about the laser treatment, and contained not a single misrepresentation, that was “mail fraud,” multiple counts.
  • When patients were emailed and told the truth about her treatment and how it works, that was “wire fraud,” multiple counts.
  • And when patients voluntarily traveled to Oklahoma to receive this treatment, that was not misrepresented in the info packets, nor the emails, nor the phone consultations, that was “travel fraud,” multiple counts.

Pay no mind to the fact that by legal definition, for “fraud” to exist, there must be as a necessary element of the crime, a proven intent to mislead or deceive, which was in this case proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be completely non existent.

Pay no mind to the 12 living testaments to the effectiveness of her treatment that came to defend her, and the many others who sent letters to the FDA. (I wonder how it makes THEM feel, to know that for 7 to 10 years, they have only been “imagining” that they were cancer free, and that the treatment that saved them was in reality a fraud.)

“Yes, you have been deceived. You need to come in for aggressive chemo… we want our money, and you need to die so we will have another case to use against her.” 

Pay no mind to the fact that of the seven patient cases used against her, the five who died ALL HAD CHEMO in their last few months alive, despite Dr. Carpenter’s emotional and at times angered pleas with them to not do it, as it would be suicide. Throughout the case, even when I was grilled before the Grand Jury in August 2014, it always seemed that beneath it all, the real crime here was blaspheming the false gods of chemo.

“Are you aware Mr. Simmons, that she was telling her patients to stay away from chemotherapy?”

Yes I was. One of these emotional pleas with a patient was even used as evidence against her, for getting upset with the patient. Forget that Carpenter  wanted the patient to live… forget that she genuinely cared… forget that she told the patient chemo would kill her (and it did)…  no, all that matters is that she got angry, so that makes her an evil person who blasphemes chemotherapy… and it makes her GUILTY OF FRAUD!


“showing FEELINGS… showing feelings of an almost human nature…  this will not do…”

Pay no mind
to the fact that even though only seven ex patient cases were used against her, twelve healthy ex patients traveled from across the hemisphere to Tulsa and defended her, one of whom, an Amish gentleman who would have lost an eyeball to oncologists but now has both (the “bad” eye now having better visual clarity than the other) testified about his son who also had the treatment, and the story so intrigued the judge (who commented many times during proceedings that he had “never in his life seen a case like this one”), that he began asking direct questions about his case as well. That makes thirteen patient cases for the defense vs seven for the prosecution.

Pay no mind to the prosecution’s oncologist having to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights under cross examination, causing the court to recess, then afterward admitting in front of the jury that he asked for more money in exchange for his “testimony.” The quote was “I don’t recall everything, but my memory would improve if you paid me more money,” and under oath he had to admit it when confronted.

Pay no mind to the expert witness brought in from Dartmouth University’s laser cancer research department, who verified every detail of how the treatment, exactly as Dr. Carpenter describes it and performs it, DOES kill cancer. And pay no mind to the dates available online that prove Carpenter’s patent pre-dates ALL such programs by over a decade.

“Yes, the telephone has changed life as we know it, but that Alexander Graham Bell character was a complete fraud.”

Pay no mind to the FDA laser expert who was first brought in by prosecution, but once they learned that her testimony corroborated what Dr. Carpenter said, was removed from their witness list, and used as defense witness.

truth_is_no_defense_t222 (1)


Pay no mind to the fact that the entire case from cradle to grave was brought to you courtesy of  AMGEN‬ BIOTECH… makers of Neupagen, a drug used by all chemo patients to increase white cell count, allowing them to stay on chemo longer. More chemo, more money for Big Pharma.


Pay no mind to the fact that Ryan Souders, the US Attorney who started the spy operation against Dr. Carpenter in 2010, even while the civil case in Arkansas was still underway, who pushed the case through, who instructed the FDA agents on “adulterated drugs and adulterated medical devices,” who instructed them on “how to gather electronic evidence,” how to create illegal affidavits full of lies and half-truths to get a magistrate’s approval for an armed raid, this creature with the most devoid-of-conscience pair of eyes I have ever looked into, this bloodthirsty animal who grilled me so viciously on the stand over a $300.00 a week salary, and who instructed the Grand Jury to indict Dr. Carpenter in 2014, after six consecutive years as a US Attorney working for DOJ, suddenly left his position with the US Attorney’s office and started working for Amgen in their legal department LESS THAN ONE MONTH AFTER GETTING DR. CARPENTER INDICTED, and now holds the position of SENIOR LEGAL COUNSEL for the Pharma Giant.  





( https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryansouders )

If you click the above link, you may see this.


Pay no mind to the fact that Souders’ LinkedIn page has gone offline now, as of Feb 13, 2016, two days after the release of this blog article. It may be due to a change in the status of the profile, or some other issue, like being exposed perhaps. Since we knew this would happen, we have saved a PDF of the page for your convenience. You will also notice that right before his position with the US Attorney’s office in Virginia, he got WebMD’s  Medical Manager Corp. off the hook for money laundering charges. This man is basically a highly paid prostitute for Big Pharma, and his resume shows it.

PDF copy of the “vanishing” LinkedIn page:  RYAN_SOUDERS_LINKEDIN

You had this page online for years Ryan, for bragging rights about all your accomplishments, and to advertise yourself as a pharma whore for hire. Look at all your “endorsements.” Why do you suddenly want to take it offline NOW?
How much did Amgen pay you to indict Dr. Carpenter?
How many hours would you say you put in for that big payoff?


Pay no mind to the scores of articles available online admitting to the ineffectiveness and dangers of chemotherapy, and to the fact that mainstream cancer treatments actually cause more cancer than they resolve, and pay no mind to the fact that this entire case is really about defending chemo and the “unholy trinity” of cancer treatments: chemo, which causes metastasis, radiation, which causes cancer, and surgery, which causes internal bleeding and therefore spreads cancer.

Pay no mind to any of these minor “inconvenient details” of the case. Our media did not cover them so they did not happen. Our reporters were intentionally not even there on the days most of these facts emerged.

It has been proven that the treatment works, but it’s still fraud… because we say so. And by God, we’ll keep you in this jury chamber for a month to get a conviction if we have to.

No fraud nor deception has been proven (on the part of Dr. Carpenter that is). Euclid is rolling in his grave, not to mention Socrates, Benjamin Rush, and the Framers of the US Constitution.

Some things have been proven though. It has been proven is that our corrupt corporate-pharma-garchy will spare no expense (spending more money than she made in her entire career) in stalking former patients and convincing them to take deadly chemo drugs, to cause complications that they can then use to incriminate someone who actually helped them, and use to cover up the results of her treatment. (Remember, oncologists even cut the breasts off the woman in the AR civil case just to destroy the evidence of DEAD CANCER, and then convinced her it was THEY who saved her, despite medical documentation to the contrary.)  It has been proven that  #‎RyanSouders‬, former US Attorney and current head of the legal dept at  ‪#‎AmgenBiotech‬, was at the core of this entire sham from the beginning, but curiously absent during the Court proceedings. And it has been proven to me at least, that jury tampering is a present-day reality. For an impartial jury to render a guilty fraud verdict, in the face of all the overwhelming evidence that was put before them, is simply unconscionable… unless there were other forces at work.

Most importantly, it has been proven that big money
matters more than truth OR justice.
Right, Mr. Souders?


“It was an inside job, by the well-connected.
Your little protest, summarily rejected…” -Don Henley


This miscarriage of justice was funded by


Reaction to the verdict:

Dr. Carpenter’s attorney Rob Ridenour has given her the “green light” to speak out, as she is free until the sentencing in May 2016, he knows this was a gross miscarriage of justice, and major media refuses to cover the entire story. So she is going on air in various venues, (as long as those venues are not sponsored by drug companies, which rules out nearly all mainstream media.)

Please join our voices and speak out against this type of criminal collusion and abuse! We have only a short time!

Write to the judge and voice your anger and concerns. Demand a retrial in the face of this gross miscarriage. Dr. Carpenter’s attorney has requested we have responses sent to him so that he can present them to the judge together. Send letters or emails to:

Judge James H. Payne / case 14-CR-135-JHP
c/o Rob Ridenour
1 West 3rd Street
Suite 1225
Tulsa, OK, 74103


Dr. Carpenter on “The Bottom Line” with Vince Easley

Dr. Carpenter on “Truth Talk News” with Howard Nema







Original story from HowardNema.com :


Despite the testimony of 12 cancer patients she cured with her L.I.E.S.H laser treatment, Dr. Antonella Carpenter was railroaded by the FDA medical mafia and wrongly convicted of fraud on February 10, 2016 by a kangaroo Federal Court in bed with the Big Pharma Cancer Industry.

In a compelling TRUTH TALK NEWS interview that delves deep into the realm of Big Pharma corporate cronyism and judicial corruption, Dr. Antonella Carpenter recounts her recent fraud conviction for CURING cancer.

Yes, you read that right.

BROADCAST 2-15-16:



By Howard Nema

On February 10, 2016 Dr. Antonella Carpenter was convicted on 29 counts of fraud for curing cancer. The medical mafia’s attack on Dr. Carpenter has been relentless.  Despite the fact that she cured many patients, 12 of whom testified on her behalf, she was still convicted by the truly criminal justice system that lives up to its name.

Fraud, by legal definition, requires that there must be as a necessary element of the crime, a proven intent to mislead or deceive, which was in this case proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be completely non existent.

Put aside the fact that the prosecution’s oncologist admitted to the jury under cross examination that he asked for more money to improve his memory, stating under oath when confronted, quote:

“I don’t recall everything, but my memory would improve if you paid me more money.”

Dr. C was railroaded by a kangaroo court which focused on a vendetta, not a search for truth and justice, which in Dr. Carpenter’s case was not served.

As per perpetual protocol, the medical mafia is hard at work twisting the truth and vilifying Dr. Antonella Carpenter and any other non-Allopathic practitioner and natural or alternative treatments as quackery.

Meanwhile Big Pharma poisons, when properly taken and administered kill more than 150,000 Americans every year. No fanfare there. No criminal prosecution of that evil.






Two years after the raid that shut her down, official closing statements from Dr. Carpenter,  from the homepage of http://www.lasemedinc.com .

We would like to inform former patients, as well as the general public, that shortly after the infamous FDA raid on July 11, 2012, LASE MED Inc. has gone out of business, unable to operate and pay the corporation dues to the State of Nevada, for lack of funds.

In spite of our great efforts, we have not been able to fulfill our goal to provide in this Country a simple and effective solution to cancer. This failure is not due to any inadequacy of our technology, but to the refusal by the part of the AMA, assisted by the FDA, to even investigate our claims with appropriate verification testing. Apparently, controlling authorities have not progressed much with their actions since the days of the Catholic Inquisition vs. Galileo.

We have no idea how much time will pass and how many more people will unnecessarily suffer and die before the undeniable scientific validity of our LIESH Therapy is recognized. If a Federal Agency like the FDA is allowed to harass, torment and threaten ordinary citizens, who are merely trying to make a living by honestly helping the public, the outlook for a better future in health care is very bleak.

The FDA not only acted on the complaint of one clueless individual to attack and destroy a threat to the pharmaceutical industry, but it also continued and is now still allowed to torment the former members of LASE MED, Inc., who are currently struggling to pay their bills and survive.

Oklahoma is chronologically the first and one of the eight States offering Safe Harbor to alternative practitioners and healers. Consequently, the FDA had no authority to raid an organization not utilizing drugs nor manufacturing medical devices. For this reason, the FDA, through the actions of one Jeremy Bain (trained as a spy, not a scientist), lied about LMI’s business activities in order to obtain a Warrant to raid this Corporation and steal its property and resources.

Even though the action was labeled “confiscation of illegal equipment and funds,” as if LMI were an illegal drug smuggling operation, the action was nothing more than theft of personal property and funds, since it was done under false accusations.

LMI operated in Oklahoma a legal alternative medicine treatment center, utilizing light to heal people without prescription or illegal drugs; because logic tells you that water, salt and food coloring are not drugs, in spite of what FDA has been trying to claim.

However, the main charge against LMI and its President introduced by the FDA is “fraud”, implying that LMI fraudulently claimed to be able to heal cancer. Again, the charge was made over one (1) complaint, while completely ignoring all the letters they received from former patients, now free of cancer. How can it be fraud if it worked for patients who had the treatment and followed the post-treatment guidelines?

This is the reality of the present situation:

The former staff of LMI are now struggling to keep a roof over their heads and survive, including Dr. Carpenter, who by now should have been able to enjoy the fruits of her many years of labor.

Even worse, the citizens of this Country are forced to accept the horrors of the status quo in cancer treatment, while a simple, trouble-free and side-effect free cure exists. Yet, this option will be buried and forgotten, as other valid alternative treatments have over the years, thanks to the FDA.

Unfortunately, we must conclude that it is preferable for our government to deprive the world of better alternative solutions to a devastating medical condition, than to admit that the AMA has failed its patients and that large pharmaceutical corporations must give up their insane profits from cancer drugs.


This website will remain live for informational and educational purposes for as long as it is possible.

“ANOTHER FRIEND SHUT DOWN,” by Dr. Antonella Carpenter


Another friend has been shut down, another friend is gone. I haven’t communicated through this media for many months, mostly because I have been so busy trying to defend myself from the abuses to my freedom, as an American citizen. Even if effectively in exile, separated from my family and unavailable to my former patients,  I have still tried to keep the fire going, by constantly doing research on what continues to happen in the medical field and how the public is still being misinformed and entrapped in the drug pitfalls.

In the effort to protect the general public, the only weapon still available to me has been the radio program called “The Medical Conspiracy”. I began hosting the show about five years ago, when the trolls started popping up like weeds on the web. As a result, we started to see an increasing number of self proclaimed experts and assorted  pathetically clueless individuals, selected as trolls for their ignorance, accompanied by the willingness to make a spectacle of themselves in exchange for heaven knows what perks. My only answer to such outrageous conduct was to continue exposing the lies and abuses of the medical establishment, in cohort with the FDA and the large pharmaceutical corporations; I have done so through the radio show:
“The Medical Conspiracy”, i.e. the conspiracy to keep everybody sick.

Obviously, even with the very limited audience, my show must have rubbed the wrong way some special interests, because in five years three radio stations had to close down, supposedly due to financial problems. Does anybody see a pattern here?

I was harassed about my show even as early as the times of that infamous civil law suit, brought about by a patient who was actually cancer free after my treatment, according to independent standard routine testing.  During my deposition for that ridiculous case, the plaintiff’s attorney kept “interrogating” me about the radio show and why I hadn’t closed it down.  This is a show that had absolutely nothing to do with the case, considering that it was started two years after the patient in question was treated at my Company’s facility; not to mention the fact that routine tests could not find any malignancy in her affected site.  However, after the law suit had been filed, one of her oncologists insisted that she still had cancer and needed to have a mastectomy without delay. You know what happened next, with the assistance of a crooked judge; in the event you don’t know, you can find everything posted on the radio show’s web site .

My radio show has been used to expose not just occurrences like these, but also the dishonesty in the cancer and pharmaceutical industry in general.
People are being entrapped and victimized by “professionals” wearing a white coat and an hypocritical smile; people are persistently mutilated and poisoned by chemicals and radiation, with the common sense defying promise of an “extended” life, through what can only be defined as sheer torture.

These are the facts exposed, through science and empirical evidence, in what has been The Medical Conspiracy Show. This is the reason we have been tormented and sabotaged during the broadcasting. Apparently the “System” has won again, by forcing one more radio station to cease operations. You, the public, serve the “System” best if you are sick and financially ruined, especially if you are unaware of what is being conjured against you.

As a result, people like me must be silenced and thrown into oblivion, in order to support  the deception and sustain the financial gains of a restricted group of special interests. I hope that the people listening to my show have received sufficient guidelines to continue on their own and question any “remedy” proposed to them by the members of the AMA.

On my part, I will find the way to continue the show, even if simply on U-Tube and our web site (www.medicalconspiracy.com), for the moment anyway, until we find another station and new friends.

“The Medical Conspiracy Radio Show,” by Barbara Hartwell

It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.
 In the early spring of 2012 I was contacted by Dr. Antonella Carpenter, a physicist who has developed a non-invasive and extremely effective treatment for cancer. Dr. Carpenter invited me as a guest on her radio program, The Medical Conspiracy, after hearing me speak on COINTELPRO on another program on the same station, Orion Talk Radio.
She and her associate, Randy Simmons, recognized all the tactics I was describing, those used by counterintelligence operatives and their minions, to neutralize a Target, including the BIG 3, right out of the CIA psy ops manual: Isolation. Alienation. Deprivation. 
Dr. Carpenter, formerly employed as a physicist in the defense industry, with expertise in laser technology, became a whistleblower when she discovered and reported safety hazards, and was subsequently targeted –for the same reason most whistleblowers are targeted: They refuse to stay silent when lives are at stake, when wrongdoing, corruption, malfeasance are running rampant. As a result of the persecution directed against her, as retaliation for blowing the whistle, Dr. Carpenter was driven into financial destitution, and at one point even ended up homeless.
But by the time I first came into contact with her, many years later, Dr. Carpenter had become the Target of other special interest groups involving a vast web of corruption: The Medical Mafia, Big Pharma and their henchmen, thugs from the FDA.
Among the series of events which transpired in attempts to neutralize Dr. Carpenter and shut down her business, Lase Med Inc., were a monkey trial, a travesty of justice, where Dr. Carpenter was falsely accused, sued, and a judgment awarded against her for $2.5 MILLION, after being bilked and betrayed by her own attorneys; a libel/slander campaign via mainstream and alternative media; numerous and ongoing acts of criminal harassment, vandalism, stalking and political persecution; a raid by the FDA in July 2012, accomplished only by deception by lying FDA agents, in which most of her property was confiscated, including her lasers, her files and all the money she had in a safe at her office: $7800.00 in cash.
Her practice, in the state of Oklahoma, was shut down by FDA, this despite the fact that Dr. Carpenter had at no time violated any laws, but was operating in full compliance with the laws, under the Health Care Freedom Act. Nor had she ever harmed a patient. She did however, save lives, as the patients testified.
Subsequently, Dr. Carpenter lost her office. Then she lost her home, a rental property, as she had no money to pay the rent. She lost most of her personal property as well, and was left (once again) destitute and homeless.
But there’s more…shortly after the FDA raid, Dr. Carpenter lost both of her vehicles. The first vehicle was stolen and used in a robbery. She was unable to recover her car, even though she was the victim of the crime. Her second vehicle, a van used for her business, was taken from her by a far more sinister means: She was hit (purposefully) while driving alone after dropping her grandson off at a school event. The van was hit with such a violent impact that it was turned upside down, trapping Dr. Carpenter inside, until she was able to get out only by her own efforts. The van was totalled (naturally), leaving Dr. Carpenter without any transportation, stranded, with no money, no way to continue to work for her living. The perpetrators (including federal agents) of this neutralization campaign against her had stolen or destroyed nearly everything she had, leaving her isolated and bereft.
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The Scapegoats, by Dr. Antonella Carpenter

Many regular followers of this blog may be aware of our extended period of silence, following the abominable raid on LMI’s facility conducted by FDA last July. That event marked the worst year in the life of the LMI Team and one of the most despicable abuses of human rights and freedom in the history of this Country, as well as medicine, considering its devastating effect on patients’ lives. Such an event did put LMI’s leadership in a state of incredulous daze, which unfortunately has lasted for too many months already. Finally the fog has started to dissipate and, at least part of the original team, namely LMI’s Project Leader, is ready to fight back, with all the might of a strong little woman, who has fought injustice all of her life.

The last blog article is dated about a month prior to the so called “investigational raid” and it opened by asking the question:
“How close are we to the point of no return in personal freedom?” Little did LMI’s Team know that the answer was: “Way too close already!” All the evidence indicates that the FDA is nothing more than an army of outlaws, violating the Constitution at will, for the purpose of serving and preserving the interests of the Pharmaceutical Industry, in a Country where the “elected” officials are bought and paid for by major Corporations.

This is of course evident, on a daily basis, when dangerous drugs, carrying horrific side effects, are approved by FDA, even though they offer only the promise of possibly prolonging the life of patients, already “doomed” by the scary disease called cancer. At the same time the Country’s Leader is granted the honor of “making history” by passing the “Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act”, which is publicized as a mandate, requiring the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to establish “scientific frameworks” for pancreatic and other deadly cancers. It is anybody’s guess what the hidden meaning is in such vague wording. Still, the help comes directly from the source, by specifying that said ”frameworks” will help identify scientific advancements, evaluate the “efficiency” of researchers and outline a plan for “ongoing research.”

Furthermore, NCI will be “encouraged to rigorously evaluate existing research efforts and examine how well they are supporting progress in the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of named deadly cancers.” Based on the very wording referenced above, one can easily conclude that the requirement for acceptance and selection of “new” methods is directly connected to how well they provide more of what is already used; in other words, more of the same. Otherwise specified for people abhorring double talk, nothing different will be accepted unless, of course, it involves more and newer drugs.

Apparently no one is directing their attention to the very word “recalcitrant,” which in medicine indicates resistance to a medication. No one is even bothering to expose the fact that such a definition basically indicates that the selected treatment is ineffective on the disease for which it is being utilized.

Why then is cancer charged with the fault of stopping its own demise? Instead of admitting the dangerous inadequacy and the complete failure of the AMA supported treatments.

The human body, in its own way, is trying to indicate with obvious signs that the cancer cannot be blamed for the failure, and cannot be made the scapegoat in order to preserve the status quo in health care, and in this way preserve the financial interests of the industry. The method of using scapegoats is as old as time, therefore it is extremely surprising that people could not recognize the signs from the very beginning.

The same goes for the massacres caused by senseless shooting of innocent people by the hands of deranged individuals, whose perception of reality has been altered by dangerous medications. Instead of pointing the responsibility in the correct direction, blame is placed on weapons, which are intended for personal defense. Weapons, like all things, can be used for good or bad purposes, but they do not have a mind of their own and cannot produce any outcome, without human intervention; it is the human mind that controls the use of any weapon or any equipment or tool.

If the human mind’s function has been altered by drugs, intended to penetrate the protective barrier and alter the brain processes, it is then the physician who prescribes such dangerous medications who is the one responsible for causing the resulting tragedies, not the patient, and certainly not the weapon nor its availability to the public. Following said principle, people shouldn’t have access to chain saws, sledge hammers, knives of any kind, including kitchen knives, nor any other potentially deadly gadget.

Nothing in the media handling of these violent episodes makes any sense whatsoever, unless one includes into the picture ulterior motives and special agendas, which in this case would be:

1. The financial interests of pharmaceutical corporations and universities, derived from open end research “efforts.”

2. The Government’s interest to silence opposition and squash rebellion, by taking away means of defense from a public of dissidents.

Consequently the final question here is:

My fellow Americans, are we willing to allow such abuses of our God-given rights, as our friend Barbara Hartwell would say, to continue without restraints? Are we going to accept the fact that these abuses are going to get worse by the day, until our Country is totally destroyed? Or are we going to stand up and put an end to the escalating abominable behavior of our Government? The Occupy Movement was created and carried on with peaceful means, but it was squashed with violence from the very groups whom our elected officials wish to be the only ones entitled to carry guns.

Is this writing intended to encourage revolution? Actually it is intended to help people dissipate the fog of incredulity, which we also have experienced for way too long, and stand up to oppose all attacks to our freedoms, beginning with preserving the right to bear arms; as a message to the perpetrators of threats to our freedom, in order to clearly send the message that what they fear can and will happen, unless they revert their activities to the original purpose of their jobs, which is to serve, protect and support the interests of the American people, not the greed of big corporations or other assorted mega-powers.

Antonella Carpenter, PhD.

STANDING UP FOR SCIENCE, by Dr. Antonella Carpenter

In a world where some individuals or groups are always standing up against one issue or another, I feel it is appropriate, if not overdue, to show the positive side of demonstrations and to make our voices heard in favor of something very valuable to human survival and advancements in our quality of life. It isn’t simply an issue of showing the possible positive side of protests, by supporting something close to our hearts; it is a matter of bringing to the public’s attention a commodity taken for granted and not sufficiently appreciated. These statements are referring specifically to science, which might be a subject dreaded by clueless students wishing to get by their educational requirements with the minimum of effort, but in reality it is something of great beauty with the power to provide gratification and serenity, along with freedom from mental confusion, to anyone who has dedicated the necessary amount of time and effort into learning the basics of such a subject.

Actually acquiring the basic knowledge of science is only the beginning stage, almost like the necessary step to reach the entrance of a different world, where expanding the boundary of knowledge is instinctively achieved, and where the reassuring feeling of understanding the reason for various occurrences can free humans from fear. The main cause of fear is having to face the unknown without protection or assistance of any kind; but if something can help a human being understand, predict and possibly prevent unusual and undesirable situations, then that something can assist the same individual to handle existence with confidence and serenity. Unfortunately, over the centuries, scientists have been the most maligned members of society, sometime viciously attacked and vilified by a public totally unaware of even the most basic principles of what constitutes real science; had the general public possessed even a minimal understanding of it, they would not have been able to bring forth any of their destructive arguments and in that way negatively effect society. The case of Louis Pasteur immediately comes to mind. Such a great man tried to bring to the attention of medical practitioners something almost obvious, even if overlooked, and for that he was not simply overruled, he was in fact ridiculed, demonized and effectively robbed of a normal existence. It wasn’t until many years later that the validity of his claims was recognized, but even after that , many medical practitioners tried to unofficially ignore the guidelines of safety provided by his scientific accomplishments.

What is even more disheartening, if not overwhelmingly scary, is that in present days, within the raging battle between standard medical care and naturopathic ways, some alternative practitioners are actually revamping the attacks to Louis Pasteur, even going as far as referring to him as an “Idiot”, on the grounds that raw milk is a much healthier choice for consumers. In support of science no one should try to force or control human behavior. If one firmly believes in freedom, in all of its aspects, then that person should also include freedom of choice in food selection or health care possibilities for that matter.

So if an individual prefers or feels more comfortable consuming raw milk, by all means, that individual should be allowed to pursue such a personal preference without obstacles. However what is totally unacceptable is a display of total ignorance by attacking science and any of the great visionaries who have improved human existence and our understanding of the universe through the means of science. Independently from individual preferences, the effort to deny the invaluable contribution to human health provided by the process of pasteurization is nothing less than insane. On the other side of the coin, it is understandable how many people choose to select raw milk for their family’s diet, in view of the excessive use of medications inflicted to the dairy herds; still that does not justify denial of scientific evidence.

Although not going as far as trying to nullify the work of one particular scientist, the presently popular attacks to the process of vaccination are another attempt to deny science. This is not to deny that some vaccines being pushed today are actually harmful, this is an effort to bring the public’s attention to a misguided attitude of some naturopathic practitioners, who claim that the very process of vaccination hinder the work of our immune system. I state again that science, not hear- say and unfounded opinions, must take precedence over what is presented to the public. The very process of vaccination is nothing more than a method utilized to assist the immune system in its effort to fight undesirable intruders; this goal is achieved by providing the characteristics of the eventual foreign invader, so that it can be quickly recognized and destroyed by the human body’s natural defense weapons. This in no way indicates that it is a good practice to include in vaccines damaging additives, like preservatives or emulsifiers, introduced into the medical products simply to extend shelf life and therefore maximize the profit.

All of the mentioned problems are introduced because of business interests and have absolutely no connection with scientific principles. That is the very reason why the public should be reminded to investigate anything they see or hear, and rather than arrive to a quick conclusion, they should take the necessary time to investigate all of the factors involved in the case under scrutiny and allow science to take its proper leading, as well as determining position, in the issue being discussed. If everybody would give their minds sufficient time to analyze the facts and review the related scientific evidence, no one would fall victim to fear, and no one would come to the wrong conclusions. In other words: “Let science guide your thoughts and you will reach the correct conclusion.” Ultimately, for people lacking the basics in scientific training, the suggestion would be to rely on common sense and search for the explanation from people trained in hard science; but most of all do not blindly rely on the views of the press.

FDA’s Letter Sent to Dr. Carpenter’s Patients, and One Patient’s Reply

When FDA raided Lase Med Inc. on July 11, 2012, they not only took Dr. Carpenter’s laser devices (which they falsely contend are being adulterated, mislabeled, and held for resale), her color stain (which they falsely contend is a DRUG being manufactured, mislabeled, and held for resale), her money, and extracted all data from the office computers, but they also took all of the patient records. Following a template that was created decades ago with the attacks of the State of Texas against Stanislaw Burzynski, and the same pattern followed in Little Rock, AR, against Dr. Carpenter in 2009 to manufacture complaints and slanderous tales to be used against her in the courts and the media, FDA has used this most recently acquired information base of Lase Med Inc. patients in attempts to further demonize Dr. Carpenter, to find more people to manipulate for the purpose of generating complaints against her.

Below is a copy of the form letter FDA is sending to Dr. Carpenter’s former patients, and a written response to FDA by one of those patients who shared it with us: 

Dear ******************,

On July 11, 2012, a federal search warrant was executed at the Owasso, Oklahoma office of LaseMed, Inc. and Antonella Carpenter. During the search of the business, the Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations (“FDA/OCI”) acquired records regarding services that LaseMed may have provided to you. I write to inform you that those records are secure and any and all of your personal privacy information will be protected from public disclosure pursuant to applicable federal laws and regulations.

FDA/OCI is gathering information regarding LaseMed, Antonella Carpenter, and the services they have provided to clients. If you would like to speak with an FDA agent about this matter, please call the telephone number listed below, leave a message, and an agent will return your call. Leaving your name and telephone number at the number listed below will also allow us to contact you regarding the status of this matter, as it progresses.

Please contact Special Agent Jeremy Bain at 913/236-0831.


Patrick J. Holland Special Agent in Charge


You must be joking! Surely, You aren’t serious?  You bust into my doctors office, steal my personal records and read them and then you have the gall to say that you respect  MY PRIVACY!!!!

Doctor Carpenter is a genius and should have received a global award for her invention. Dr. Carpenter did what she did because she cared about helping people and she did it for all the altruistic reasons. Most oncologists, radiologists and surgeons are in it for the money!

She should not have been put out of business by the Gestapo and thugs that raided her office if the FDA really cared about the health and safety of the American public. But of course, that is not your agenda and the public is finding out.

Your agency cares nothing about the health and welfare of Americans. Your agenda lies in protecting the profits of the billion dollar cancer and pharmaceutical industries  that torture people, unload their bank accounts in legalized robbery and then send a nice sympathy card to the family of the deceased!  That’s what they did to members of my family and to my best friend. Then someone comes along who really cures cancer without the pain and suffering and for 1/10th of the cost and you harrass, intimidate and persecute them. Don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out your agenda.

When was the last time you busted into an oncologists, radiologists or surgeons office and ransacked them, harassed or intimidated their patients and stole their equipment and records. Well, maybe you should, to protect the public! After all, they kill 97% of their patients. That’s right, with a success rate of a dismal 3% that means that 97% of their patients DIE!!!  I would say that you aren’t doing your job! They instead ,should be sued by the families who have lost their loved ones and jailed for torture and murder.

As far as I’m concerned, FDA is nothing more than another corrupt branch of the Government and I for one intend to pressure my Reps in Congress about starting an investigation of the corruption, conflict of interest, and abuse of power of your organization. You have approved of drugs that have killed thousands, harassed cherry growers, walnut producers and organic farmers and above all, put out of business any alternative practitioner who has dared to cure people of dreaded diseases! If my Reps. Are too dishonest to take this seriously, I shall call every member of Congress till I get someone brave enough to do their job!

You are the ones responsible for the outcome of the patients that could not finish their treatment with Doctor Carpenter and you will ultimately be responsible for their deaths as well! Would it not be tragic for a member of the FDA to have a loved family member come down with cancer and realize that they helped to destroy the cure?



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Bold-Faced Violations of Civil Rights, Based on Lies, Committed by F.D.A.

Food and Drug Administration logo

Your tax dollars hard at work, protecting the financial interests of Big Pharma.

By Antonella Carpenter, PhD.
July 18, 2012.

Original article.

This is a very sad time for all of us everywhere in this Country, not just for our small Corporation; but it is necessary for me to speak out loudly and clearly on what has been happening recently.

Many times, on this site in addition to our radio program, we have exposed the abuses perpetuated by self-regulating organizations, which seem to ignore the existence of individual rights, but never before have we faced the complete obliteration of our beliefs, along with our way of life, on a scale as large as we have been forced to acknowledge and face after recent events.

On our blogs and on radio shows, we reported last week’s FDA raid to our business, but we haven’t yet exposed the sequence of events leading to it, nor its connection to a sustained conspiracy relentlessly conducted against LASE MED, Inc. to push this Corporation out of business and in this way eliminate yet one more threat to the status-quo.

In this case it is a matter of the threat we present to the health care establishment, and realizing that medicine today is far from being perfect or even effective, any effort by mainstream medicine to destroy the competition is far more than a mere violation of the anti-trust law.

In order to support our claim that what has recently happened is nothing more than a confirmation of a major conspiracy against LASE MED, Inc, we are going to recap the sequence of events culminating with the raid.

On January 2009, the newly founded LASE MED INC of Oklahoma opened up for business in the Tulsa metropolitan area, after the LMI team had moved away from the Little Rock area and LASE MED INC of Arkansas had been dismantled, following ridiculous attacks from the local Medical Board.

After the move, the LMI Team went on with business as usual, until a slanderous web site (lasemedinc.net) appeared on the web making false claims and accusations, along with the mention of a law suit , a lawsuit of which LMI hadn’t any knowledge up to that point. Yes, the creator of the web page knew about the lawsuit before the defendant did.

To make a very long story shorter, Dr. Carpenter and LASE MED, Inc, a totally independent Nevada Corporation, were served with a law suit, by a Court which had no jurisdiction whatsoever over either named defendants. After that, what followed can only be defined as a devastating windstorm of money wasted on double crossing lawyers, horrid posts full of lies from hate bloggers connected to the attacking attorney, expenses running out of control, and disappearing patients, started settling on the business and remained there for years; as a result everyday life became a nightmare for the members of the LMI team.

Still everybody braced and resisted the major offensive, waiting for the storm to blow over. The events preceding the trial turned into a farce, with evidence being deliberately hidden by the defense attorney, witnesses’ depositions not being filed in the Court, and later being disallowed to avoid “confusing” and “prejudicing” the jury.

All of this, accompanied by the fact that the trial was a violation of the 14th amendment, should have never been conducted, but should have simply gone into default award because the defense was not present. The amount involved in a default judgement would have been rather insignificant compared to the one set by the “jury” selected by the plaintiff’s attorney only.

After this absurd series of events more worthy of a dictatorship than a “free” country, things seemed to calm down, but patient traffic remained extremely limited, and survival of the business constantly in danger. Concern and struggle remained everyday companions for the LMI team; until during Easter time, while moving files, when an important document literally flew out of one stack of files.

It was a prescription for an Ultrasound from 2008, requested by the then overseeing physician at LMI, for a former patient whose husband was used as a witness for the plaintiff, at the illegal trial. This patient had remained a “poster Child” for the fraudulent case against LMI on the web; however the prescription in question, containing a diagnosis of a second type of cancer which was never treated by Lase Med Inc, totally negated their accusations and related insults against LMI and Dr. Carpenter.

After investigating HIPAA rules and discovering that they do not apply to alternative practitioners, Dr. Carpenter decided to go public with the actual facts of the case and to inform the public of the truth, utilizing the power of YouTube.

(Embedded playlist, multiple videos.)

Although no one at LMI was aware of what was brooding, two days after the first video of the “The Truth Rises to the Top” series was posted on the web, a writ of execution was filed, to collect the previous year’s judgement against LMI and Dr. Carpenter, which had then been described by the plaintiff’s attorney to the mass media as a judgment which could not be collected, but more importantly a “public warning to potential patients” to stay away from Lase Med Inc.

Dr. Carpenter answered the writ with explanations and proof that the Court, which held the trial violating the laws of this Country, was acting outside its jurisdiction; the answer included other details that rendered the writ void.

There wasn’t an answer nor any action following Dr. Carpenter’s answer to the Oklahoma Court; but then the raid came on July 11, 2012, with all its absurd excuses for confiscating everything (equipment, records, computer data, and all money) and rendering the Corporation and its team totally destitute, with no means of paying its bills and earning a living. The “legal” excuse for the raid was cited as “reason to believe that Lase Med Inc. was in possession of adulterated medical devices, and that by mixing FDA-approved saline solution with FDA-approved food coloring to use as a dye, Dr. Carpenter was running an unregistered DRUG MANUFACTURING FACILITY!”

Let’s not forget that the devastating raid was carried out under the guise of a patient appointment made for a non-existent patient, under the pretense of merely investigating complaints, and for that a scientist and her team were treated as illicit drug kingpins or terrorists.

(Embedded playlist, multiple videos.)

Is this the purpose for which FDA was created?

Is this justified, while manufacturers of drugs, that kill hundred of thousand of people every year, are superficially reviewed, possibly fined, but never stopped from operating and irreversibly damaged?

But if any of the old determination remains in the heart of our citizens, I would say:

Stand up America. Let’s unite and take our Country back.
Let’s bring back the desire to adhere to the principles that made this Country strong and powerful.

Let’s take back what our ancestors gave us and reclaim our independence from tyranny, in all aspects of our lives including health care.

Let’s all unite to put an end to the oppression and the abuses of our God-given rights.

Because by raiding LASE MED, Inc and accusing its founder, FDA has not only denied the targeted individual of her rights, but it has also deprived the entire population of the freedom to choose, by eliminating access to different alternatives, not ordinary or insignificant ones, but valid and superior alternatives capable of providing what people hope and pray to find.

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American FDA, or Gestapo?

As amply indicated in previous posts, by denying Dr. Carpenter, the targeted individual, of her rights  FDA has also deprived the entire population of the freedom to choose, by eliminating access to valid and superior alternatives capable to deliver what people have been praying to find for years.

The problem started long time ago, but reached what seemed to be the extreme, last year with the ridiculous deliberation of an illegal jury, during an unconstitutional trial. An interview of the plaintiff’s attorney brought to light a declaration that nobody expected to actually collect the award, but the action was intended to stop any breast cancer patient to actually seek the services of LASE MED, Inc.

After that a relatively dormant period in the area of libel and slander activities followed, leaving LASE MED, Inc simply struggling to survive from the aftermath of the false accusations. However last April, while moving some old files, a lone piece of paper unexpectedly flew out of the stack and brought the attention of LMI back to a forgotten important detail about a greatly publicized case, used to slander the Company’s treatment.

This helped bring to life a series of videos, exposing the truth and posted on  YouTube, appropriately entitled: “The Truth Rises to the Top”.

The videos had to be revised 4 or 5 times to silence the complaints against YouTube on the grounds of “privacy” infringement brought forth by the same people who had persistently slandered Dr. Carpenter on the web for three years.

Exactly two (2) days after the first video of the series was posted, a writ of execution was prepared, in order to start the collection process against LASE MED, Inc and Dr. Carpenter, based on the previous year’s Court deliberation. Nothing came of the writ, in view of the fact that the State of Oklahoma has no jurisdiction over the Corporation named in the case and Dr. Carpenter doesn’t have any property or valuables other than the equipment she used as means of support. But then, as recently reported,  the FDA raid happened, under the pretense of an appointment for a fictitious patient.

During the raid everything was taken, including operating capital, as if Dr. Carpenter were a illegal drug dealer or she handled any drug at all. In absence of any drug being used on the premises, saline solutions of a natural dye were confiscated, along with personal property and equipment, even though neither are or ever were for sale or distribution.

All of this was done because of alleged complaints reported to FDA, concerning 3 patients, under circumstances already proven by our videos to be unrelated to our activities, given exception of the fact that at some point  the patients had received our therapy, before electing to go back to standard methods. Furthermore, as in the case of the trial, our version of the facts and our evidence, capable to nullify any and all charges, were never considered as important in the decision to raid the LMI facility and confiscate its means to remain in business.

Apparently this kind of behavior is now acceptable in the US and can be utilized by powerful interests to obliterate the competition.

So, what do you say America?

Are we, the people of United States, going to stand for these abuses?

-Antonella Carpenter, PhD.