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TRUTH STILL Rises to the Top, part 1: Cyndi Babecka

(This video has also been removed by YouTube and edited. The video may have to be edited a second time, but we will try to keep a current version active here. As of June 2012 this is the SIXTH edit of this info. The mention of names as “privacy violations” are not the real issue; […]

COINTELPRO Tactics and the Attempts to Neutralize Dr. Carpenter, with special guest Barbara Hartwell.

From the April 21, 2012 episode of The Medical Conspiracy on Orion Talk Radio.

S.E.O. Black Hats and the “Blockade” of Articles

About one month ago, an article appeared on FederalJack.com about the efforts of the Cancer Industry to demonize any kind of innovation which results in a less harmful or more effective approach to treatment. The specific example discussed in the article was Lase Med, Inc. and its founder, Dr. Antonella Carpenter. FederalJack’s Popeye was invited […]

Federal Jack and Lase Med Inc, Veterans of the Google Wars

A YouTube video exposing trickery to keep the truth from you, and to make sure the same slanderous pages by the same hired bloggers retain top search positions.

Dr. Carpenter and Popeye (Federal Jack .com) Discuss the New Web Article.