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You Need to Know the Truth about Michelle Wolven

Stalking Someone from Halfway Across the Continent

We did mention that Wolven has demonstrated herself to be an expert stalker. This began on web forums (including the one on her video page), as she adopted the habit of interrogating anyone who attempted to defend Dr. Carpenter on these forums. This was not limited to public comments, but also private messaging. If you had a YouTube account, and you tried to defend Dr. Carpenter in your comments, even if you were a former patient… especially if you were a former patient… you got flooded with incendiary personal messages and her own brand of “Are you ok? You need to go for chemo immediately… We will pray for you… God Bless…” false concern.

It went as far as the webmaster’s daughter’s daycare teacher. When Facebook “likeboxes” were first added to the Lase Med and Medical Conspiracy websites, we made the…

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