Sick Care for Everyone?

Last week’s most highlighted event has been, and still is, the battle in Washington about what politicians call “Health Care” reform. Two questions are on the forefront of the issue: Is it really a reform? Is it really about health? Actually if logic is allowed to enter the debate, it should be said that what […]

Does the public actually prefer “Dirty Laundry?”

I believe the time has come to discuss the painful subject of public opinion. We all know that the public is fickle and easily convinced to turn its opinions in a completely opposite direction as easily and  quickly as the wind does, apparently as long as that change involves moving from acclamation to condemnation.   However […]

Let’s Stand Up, America!

Before the previous blog could be posted, the shameless individual exposed in that post had the audacity to claim that he was just “joking”, and that he didn’t mean anything “personal” against the law student who testified in Washington in favor of insurance coverage for contraceptives. For over two years, yours truly also has been […]

What’s the “Rush”?

It is rather amazing how the moment I am very busy with a different type of writing, like our Newsletter, that is the exact time when everything seems to break loose and the immediate need arises for turning  the public’s attention to the obvious, which is hiding behind the chaos. One quite well known loudmouth, […]

Organic vs. Grocery Food

Going back to the “isolated system” principle, I would like to point out that it doesn’t simply apply to the attitude of elected officials, but it is unfortunately ingrained into too many aspects of our lives.  It would become a practically endless treatise, if I were to cover those aspects in their entirety, so I […]

The True Cost of Eliminating Funding for Birth Control

As promised, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the subject of the serious consequences connected with the plan to not make birth control freely available to everybody, particularly individuals who could not otherwise afford it. I believe one does not need to be clairvoyant to predict what would happen, if Congress succeeds […]

Personhood Legislation?

A long time ago, I came to the conclusion that most scientific or technical research tends to reach wrong conclusions, because it looks at a specific condition as if it were an isolated system, i.e. without direct connection with external factors and devoid of repercussions. Recently I have concluded that the “isolated-system” assumption applies to […]